Kyle Cease: I Hope I Screw This Up Book Summary


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  • Robin Williams once said, “Comedy is acting out optimism.”
  • Mark Twain put it this way: “Humour is mankind’s greatest blessing.”
  • One’s calling in life is an ever-evolving express on oneself.


Chapter 1

  • Most people don’t say what’s actually on their minds. We’re always thinking something, but instead of saying what we’re really thinking, which would free us and open us up to new possibilities, we instead say what we think people want to hear. How much easier would life be if we just said what we were thinking in the moment?
  • Something I’ve learned is that sharing my deepest truth, no matter how scary it is in the moment, is freedom. My only pain would come from repressing that truth.
  • Anyone who has made a true impact on this planet, at one point, had to step out of the expectation of the people around them and listen to an inner calling that moved them into a place of originality beyond what they had done before.
  • When we haven’t done something before, our minds are under the illusion that we can’t, so they’re horrified that we’re moving beyond the story they have built to protect us.
  • Most of us would admit that we may be afraid of failure to some degree, but many of us might not even be aware that we are just as afraid of success. Your identity thinks that if you succeed, you’re going to be something different than you are now and the limited story that you’ve been identifying with is going to die. It’s actually saving its life by not letting you succeed.
  • I’m not my past story – in fact, I’m not any story, I’m just this moment, and the more I release those limitations, the more I will begin to open up to possibility and make room for an entirely new perspective on myself to come through.
  • We all have the exact same level of ability to tap into the unlimited creatively available in every moment.
  • The only thing that separates you from any human being is your belief in your past story; other than that, we’re all the same.


Chapter 3

  • The need for food and shelter becomes the need for love and approval as we move deeper into the illusion that our happiness comes from someone or something outside of ourselves. Even once we’re adults and providing food and shelter for ourselves, we’re still constantly looking for someone, anyone, outside of us to take on the role of the provider of our love and well-being. Someone who will tell us we’re good. That we’re loved. It’s a matter of survival.
  • The mind might never understand why falling in love with not knowing is one of the greatest ways to access this place of trust, and it doesn’t have to understand.
  • Our minds are brilliant tools we’ve been given to use in collaboration with the creativity of our hearts, but many of us are living exclusively from our heads and have cut off the infinite wisdom of our souls.
  • I’ve learned that the wisdom that comes out when you’re selflessly helping someone else is also truly the wisdom that you need to hear.
  • When you step into opportunity, you cut off the fear. When you step into fear, you cut off the opportunity. Which means, if you step into what you heart says, you cut off the worry of your mind. If you step into what your head says, you cut off the guidance of your heart.
  • Your mind sees your worth only according to what you currently are; based on the evidence you have from your past instead of the potential of what you might become if you followed your calling.
  • You can always measure what you’ll lose, but you can’t see what you’ll gain.
  • Listening to the calling within yourself instead of looking for external guidance.


Chapter 5

  • It’s easy to recognize an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or food, but an addiction to getting approval from the outside world is a lot tougher to see.
  • The truth is, none of our emotions are bad. Not sadness. Not fear. Not negativity. It’s not about getting rid of our sadness, it’s about becoming a big enough space that we can totally accept and love every part of ourselves. It’s not about avoiding the dark and moving toward the light. The amount of light that we can bring into the world is equal to the amount of darkness that we can accept and love. We’re not here to feel happy, we’re here to feel fully.
  • Allowing yourself to fully experience every emotion that you feel is the gateway to actual transformation. There is no emotion, experience, or situation that is bigger than what you are. You are capable of growing beyond anything if you allow yourself to be with it.


Chapter 7

  • When we let go of something that is taking up space in our lived, we make room for something else to come in.
  • When your intention beats habit, you win the game of life.


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Chapter 8

  • One of the most basic illusions that we are under is that we believe we are whatever we are experiencing. I am sad. I am happy. I am poor. I am sick. I am young. Those things aren’t what you are, they are just circumstances on the surface of your life. What you actually are is beyond all of that.
  • Any time you do something positive or different from the masses, some people will think you’re in a cult. Well, they might not automatically assume you’re in a cult, but the point is, when we do something out of the norm we’re often met with resistance from people in our lives who don’t want us to change. Many times people get scared when someone close to them changes or does something different because they are afraid to change themselves.
  • The mind loves to come up with its own problem and then solve the problem that it just created. It’s actually how it creates the illusion that it’s in control.
  • You are what you love, not what loves you.
  • When you were a kid you just did what you loved to do, no matter what anyone else thought of you. In that place, it doesn’t matter what someone else’s opinion of you is; you have something deeper that is moving you. That level of freedom is still available to all of us if we go back to doing what we love just because WE LOVE IT, not because we think we can GET LOVE from someone outside of ourselves.
  • Basically, you only care about what someone else thinks about you where you’re in your head, because that’s the only place an opinion exists. When you’re in your heart, you’re just creativity, love, and effortless expression. What people think about what you’re doing doesn’t even register.
  • How lost we are in the stories of our lives and how those stories are really just a lie. I was totally trapped in the belief that I had to protect the story of who I was, and as soon as I stepped out of that belief I experienced true freedom for the first time.
  • My happiness and fulfilment are based on my work going outward, not what comes back to me. True happiness comes from sharing love, not from getting love.
  • Out happiness is not in anything external. Nobody and nothing has control of your happiness. If you think you need something for you to be happy, you make that thing your god.
  • You are naturally happy in the absence of the belief that you need something outside of yourself to get happy.
  • When you live in this place of natural self-connection, the side benefit is that you become totally creative and insightful, and things start to happen for you. You become a magnet for other circumstances and relationships that reflect the happiness that you have inside. You start to attract thoughts and ideas that access new opportunities that will match your level of alignment.
  • The beliefs “I am not enough,” My happiness is outside of me,” and “I don’t deserve love” are just illusions that block us from our true happiness.


Chapter 9

  • I realized that there were layers and layers of habits and addictions in my life that were keeping me away from that feeling of unlimited joy. I was in a completely new reality where instead of trying to pile on achievements and material possessions. I was on a mission to release myself from needing any of that stuff.
  • We can’t ever allow something new to come into our lives until we make room for it.
  • Learning to make decisions based off of me and myself versus me and my circumstances.
  • We rarely connect to ourselves. We never listen to what we actually want, and because we are confused about what we want, life gives us back the confusion we’ve unconsciously requested. We do what we think we should do and we don’t honour what our bodies say they want to do.
  • Bob Proctor says the less replaceable you are, the more you’re worth.
  • Everything you desire will fall into your lap if you just let it.
  • Nobody understands your calling but you. When you feel a calling inside yourself, you just have to do it; you can’t check in with other people because they aren’t feeling what you’re feeling.
  • Very often we keep things that we think will get us what we want, but they’re actually keep us from getting what we truly want.
  • Your job is to feel the love in you, beyond whatever circumstances your mind is saying you need to have for you to be happy. This life is a playground, it’s not a multiple-choice exam. You can’t screw this up. Listen to your body, take the leaps that are scary and exciting and calling you from the depths of your soul, and watch how the world unfolds in front of you.


Chapter 11

  • We’re always looking for reasons in our external circumstances to prove why we shouldn’t be happy.
  • Being selfish in a universal way means you are making yourself a priority so that you can overflow your power, love, and compassion onto the world.
  • What we are is way beyond any of the boundaries that we’ve boxed ourselves into, and knowing this allows creative ideas and visions for the future to come in from that out-of-the-box place. We’re now moving with the flow of life instead of against it. We’re letting ourselves be pulled by inspired ideas and moving into action in the most effortless ways, which allows us to create even more impact in this world than we ever thought possible.
  • What if deep down wasn’t a place to live, and it was actually just what you were.


Chapter 14

  • If you choose to see that thought as a little child and you just tell the thought that you hear it and love it, it will go away. Really picture that when that thought comes up as if it’s a child who said it to you.
  • When you become a space of love for any thought that arises within you, you can literally feel the thought moving through you. Your true acceptance of a passing thought is actually what allows it to just keep passing through.
  • A great exercise that I do with the people I work with is to say any fear-based thought that’s coming up and then say “and I love that” right afterward. If you allow a thought to show up and consciously acknowledge it and give it love, you short-circuit the pattern of resistance that keeps those kinds of thoughts active.


Chapter 15

  • What you learn cannot be unlearned.


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Chapter 16

  • Everything that arises in this moment becomes an opportunity for you to grow and expand into even more of yourself. At a certain point, you really start to understand that the true value we receive in any situation is actually the internal growth that brings us closer to knowing that we are just love.
  • In every moment, you make the choice to either move into the illusion of yourself or move into the love that you actually are. Every step you take is either moving you toward the ice cube or moving you toward the ocean.
  • A leap can be scary, but on the other side of it is growth and new opportunities that you can’t see until you take that leap. Even though it’s actually the easiest thing we can do, moving into being is really the ultimate leap.
  • Taking a leap like quitting a job you hate or leaving a relationship that feels heavy can be scary because the mind’s protection mechanism wants to keep you safe from the unknown but true fulfilment will never come from the illusion of safety the mind tried to create for you.
  • Your safety isn’t in your retirement fund or your savings account, it’s in your ability to listen to your heart and connect to the guidance that is moving you toward opportunities that will give you the real security that the mind has been promising all along.


Chapter 17

  • When you have clarity and confidence in what you’re moving toward, you don’t have to constantly be looking over your shoulder at what you’re trying to avoid.
  • Life is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Life is always giving us options to either step into our true power or retreat into the “safety” of our ice cube.
  • It’s not about the thing, it’s about honouring what you feel in the moment. The more and more I learn to trust that light feeling I experience in my body, the more I’m able to make effortless decisions based on my actual guidance instead of the addictive desires of my mind.


Chapter 18

  • When you take time to connect to yourself, the unlimited creativity that we are all made of just starts to seep into your life and transform everything you do. When you start doing this, you almost can’t tell how you’ve changed, because everything has changed.
  • The only difference between you and everyone else is the story in your head. This sounds crazy to the mind because it is a separation machine. For the mind to survive it has to be separate from everything and everyone it sees so it can maintain its individual story. When we move beyond the mind, we enter a dimension where we see how much of a lie that actually is. Our bodies and minds are like individual rivers that all flow to and from the same ocean.


Chapter 19

  • The mind loves to convince us that one thing is better than another, that life is better than death, that happiness is better than sadness, that a sunny day is better than a rainy day.
  • Challenge yourself to investigate all of the beliefs that your mind has created, and see if there is another perspective, beyond the mind, that might offer you even more freedom.


Chapter 20

  • You know you’re in a WHY when the idea you have helps other people.
  • Michael Beckwith once said, “When you work for the universe, you’re never unemployed.”
  • Once you start giving from a WHY, you won’t believe how many of the things you wanted before will start to show up naturally. If you really want to get all of those things that you desire, shift to giving. If you don’t see any results, that’s because you’re still trying to get. You need to truly surrender your “getting” and move to an infinite place of abundance and giving in order to tap into the flow of life that will provide you with everything you need. You’ve got to make sure that you’re not trying to give so that you can get.
  • When you live in your heart, sometimes people who live in their heads will not feel worthy of being around you. This is how the universe pre-rejects people who don’t align with your soul, so you can make room to only be around people who do.
  • This place of connection to ourselves and allowing a WHY to come through is the most important part of creating anything in your life.


Chapter 22

  • You are learning to follow the feeling, not the reason. From now on, the feeling is the reason.


Chapter 23

  • The most important asset you have is your ability to consistently live in the high vibration of excitement. When you’re in that high vibration of excitement, you realize that everything is working together and nothing is in conflict.
  • You’re not here to get to an end point; your end point is to be in an open-ended possibility.


Chapter 24

  • You will never be free by only changing the external world.
  • The biggest reason that we stress is because we are trying to control the things that we can’t control and aren’t controlling what we can. There are so many things that we can’t directly control. We can’t control what a football team just did. We can’t control our past. We can’t control what other people think about us. However, we love to grab on to these situations and argue with them because we can’t do anything about it.
  • We can control our decisions. We can control our intention. We can control who and what we surround ourselves with. But the biggest thing we can control is…whether or not we accept this moment fully.
  • You cannot control what others do. But you can control what you do. You can let go of the heaviness of the world and grab on to the infinite lightness of your intentions.


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