Foods for Thought | Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Mental Health | Jason Pawloski Interview

Foods for Thought helps you understand the established links between diet, lifestyle, and some of the most troubling mental illnesses. Digestion problems? Looking to lose weight? Are you tired of the usual food choices leaving you drained and finally feel ready for healthful changes?

Understanding nutrition — and the role food plays in physical and mental health — can be incredibly confusing. But it doesn’t have to be that way! What if you could change your diet, improve other areas of your wellness, and then find striking improvements in your digestive health and mental well-being? Jason Pawloski, MS, RDN, cuts through the confusing, ever-shifting and often conflicting, dietary recommendations from the news and social media. After 15 years of helping thousands of people as a personal trainer and registered dietitian, Jason takes you on a journey to lifestyle changes and helps you eat healthy for your brain and mental well-being.

Not your conventional approach towards diet here. By combining expertise as a clinician and fitness trainer with the insight and knowledge gained from working in behavioral health, Jason offers a distinct approach.

Foods for Thought introduces you to difficult topics — depression, chronic inflammation, gut-brain axis, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting — and helps you find which foods and eating patterns are important for your health and lifestyle. In this book, you’ll learn what matters most when it comes to •understanding how different foods impact mental health

•nourishing your brain and your “second brain” •calming the fires of chronic inflammation and depression •healing your gut •promoting your mental health and well-being You can find lasting and powerful improvements in your health! When you take the right steps towards meaningful changes, relief is possible. Get your copy and get started on you Foods for Thought Game Plan!

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