Freya Stockman Interview, Founder of Get Psyched, Travel Photographer, Therapeutic Brain Stimulation

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I am a Research Officer in the neuroscience field. I coordinate multiple large-scale Phase III clinical research trials using brain stimulation to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Fibromyalgia. I have extensive experience with investigator initiated and experimental trials, meeting ethics requirements, collaborating in multi-clinician teams, administering brain stimulation and using lab equipment, as well as conducting neuropsychological and cognitive assessments with patients. My passion for innovation led me to develop portable kits to enable at-home treatment, educational webinars about brain stimulation and brain health, design the company website and Facebook page.


I am the Founder of Get Psyched, an e-learning platform for university students. I oversee a small team of dedicated tutors who mentor 260+ under-grad and post-grad psychology students, located worldwide, to maximise their statistics and scientific writing capabilities. With a passion for automation, I developed a fully automated online web platform booking system that connects students to tutors for efficient service. My career in psychology and cognitive neuroscience as a Clinical Trial Coordinator and Research Officer led me to help aspiring psychologists achieve their own dream careers. Despite struggling academically for the first half of my adult life, I managed to climb the ladder of academic success; earning myself a H1 average in Honours and publishing a book in collaboration with international researchers in the Neuroscience field on the clinical application of brain stimulation in Autism Spectrum Disorder.


My experiences taught me that anything is possible with dedication and supportive mentorship – which is what I aim to offer my own students who have similar challenges. In my spare time, I collaborate with creatives as a Photographer / Digital Artist. My travel and fashion photography has been published by National Geographic, Creators Magazine, and Emote Magazine. My images have also displayed at New York Fashion Week 2019 (Spring/Summer) in Manhattan as part of a couture gown runway show. I also recently published my travel photo-book titled ‘The Delhi Diaries’ which includes 100+ unique photos and stories from across India. In collaboration with ONTAP Booking, I also have extensive experience writing online editorials/blogs to help musicians promote up-coming music or tours. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate. Connect with me, lets chat!

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