Success Mindsets | Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life | Ryan Gottfredson Interview



Do you know for sure that you have the mindsets necessary for success? Success Mindsets presents the most comprehensive and research-backed mindset framework ever compiled, highlighting four different sets of mindsets that have been researched over 30 years, including fixed and growth mindsets, closed and open mindsets, prevention, and promotion mindsets, and inward and outward mindsets. When you read the book, you will be invited to take a personal mindset assessment.

Of the 15,000+ people who have taken the assessment, only 2.5% are in the top quartile for all four sets of mindsets. This means that you probably have some work to do on your mindsets if you want to unlock greater success in your life, work, and leadership (author included). Success Mindsets will help you awaken to the quality of your current mindsets and will give you research-backed best-practice recommendations for elevating your mindsets. It may just be the deepest introspective dive you have ever done.

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