Men’s Mental Wellbeing Advocate | MoMENtum Revolution | Dr Brett Dellar Podcast Interview



It’s time to open up the discussions about depression and mental illness. It’s time to erase the stigma surrounding depression and mental health. It’s time for men to drop their “ManMasks”. It’s time to be vulnerable. It’s time to heal. Keynote Speaker Life Mentor/Coach Health and Wellness Advocate I have worked in the health industry as a Chiropractor since 2003.

I am a qualified life coach. I studied extensively in the personal development field which stemmed from my own journey having suffered from depression for nearly 30 years (and was able to come through the other side). I understand how and why men struggle…I’ve been there. I share my story and life lessons to help others with their struggles.

I have a passion to inspire and empower others to take that next step to change their future. As a result I founded “The moMENtum Revolution”, an organization designed specifically to help Men with online programs and 1 Day workshops and 2.5 Day boot camps. As a Life Coach I will help guide you through the issues, provide the tools to assist you on a daily basis and of you want…work towards a new and exciting future.

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