Michael Francis Interview | 59 Prime | A Journey of Faith, Challenges, Hope, and Triumph

In 2021, my sight was impaired, and my vision, resiliency, and faith were refined. Although many of us are not born to be writers, each has a unique story to tell—59 Prime chronicles my roots, my path, my headwinds, and my journey.


This book provides an intense but inspirational perspective on the power of the human spirit. It explores our most primal capacity to see the best of the world in the worst of life’s moments.


It reminds us that goodness and humility are powerful gifts when guided by an open mind, prayerful hands, and a caring heart. It is a must-read for anyone who finds themselves at a challenging time in their life.


When one emerges from a life storm, by default, they become stronger, healthier, wiser, and are ready for new growth and to face new challenges. That is if one has unshakeable faith, perseverance and maintains a positive perspective.


When reading about the accounts of great poets, mystics, and writers throughout history, it is documented how overcoming major obstacles is an integral part of life’s journey.


For it is in life’s most traumatic episodes it is possible to flourish and become closely tethered to our highest potential. After reading 59 Prime, I hope that the reader understands that difficult times don’t happen to us; they happen for us.


I encourage you to read 59 Prime reflectivelyas if co-authored by a close friend. Think of me as an actor and the story written, choreographed, and directed by your choice of a divine being. After all, 59 Prime is intended to be a special gift to each reader.


BUY THE BOOK HERE https://www.amazon.com/59-Prime-Journey-Challenges-Triumph-ebook/dp/B09MRBMSRX


VISIT MICHAEL’S WEBSITE HERE https://59prime.com/

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