Don’t Just Have the Soup | 52 Analogies for Leadership | Alan Heymann Interview

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Alan Heymann is not an expert in any one given thing, nor do his talents extend to researching a thing thoroughly enough to write a book about it. Instead, he is an avid collector of stories. Since beginning his career as a television journalist a quarter century ago, he has come to know that humans make meaning in their lives through stories. As an executive coach, he helps his clients unpack and see through their own stories, achieving more success as a result.

The frame of a story matters. Alan has found that reframing is one of the most powerful tools in the practice of coaching. The process of meeting clients where they are, of reframing their thoughts around a universal or familiar story, has made him a more effective coach. Analogies are a simple way to weave that story together. Sometimes, analogies come to me in the middle of a coaching conversation. Sometimes, clients throw their own analogies into the mix.

He has picked up a few from other coaches along the way as well. What you’re about to read is a collection of 52 analogies for coaching, leadership and life.

They’re organized around 6 topics: The leader mindset Communication Time and attention Relationships Transitions Coaching

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