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The Closer’s Survival Guide: Over 100 ways to ink the deal by Grant Cardone

Learn to close and you will never be without work or without money!

The most powerful arsenal of closes ever! This book covers over 120 Closes includes: 31 Money Closes, 17 Time Related Closes, 3 Pressure Closes, 3 Agreement Closes, 8 Decision Closes, and another 64 of the most creative closes you will ever find in one book! Financial “Closing” is the final step in the pursuit of ANY goal. This thing called closing is not just something that sales people do but something that applies to every person. Nothing truly happens until you are able to engender the support, energy and resources of others. As harsh as it may seem the close is what separates those who have from those who don’t have. This critically and vital ability is what differentiates the dreamer from the exceptional individual that makes dreams come true.

The world is filled with people who have grand dreams of new products or ideas that will change the world that never become reality simply because the dreamer couldn’t close others on supporting their dream. The world is abundant with grand ideas and big dreams and short on people who can close others on funding, supporting and getting behind them! It is the ability to close that makes a difference more than any other skill you will learn in life!

Grant Cardone’s book, The Closer’s Survival Guide, is not a theory of closing the deal, but exactly HOW to close the deal including the 20 major rules of closing and over 120 exact closes that you can use every day!


Delivery Close

When would you like to take delivery of your new machine?

Check Close

Would there be any other changes or additions you’d want me to make on your machine before we come to an agreement on the figures?

Scale of 1-10 Close

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your new machine? What would make it a 10?

Payment Close

If the payments are not agreeable, we wouldn’t expect you to buy the machine I am confident that our local lender can provide you with options that will make your monthly investments agreeable and affordable.

Payments to Figure Close

Until you and I come to an agreement on the price, the product and the terms, you will not need to concern yourself with the payments because there won’t be any. I need your signature here and here.

Rate close

We use every lender in the ‘state’ inluding every credit union. Who do you currently use? That’s great, we have access to them as well. There are a couple of options in the area that are cheaper than your current lender at this time. Sign here and here, I will provide you with all the best options. Worst case scenario we use your current lender.

Equipment Close

Assuming we can get all the items you told me your needed and wanted, and we have the product delivered as you requested, I need your ‘ok’ here and here, where I noted the changes.

Title and Registration Close

Who’s name would we be registering your new machine in; your name, your company’s name or both?

Paperwork Close

Who’s name will we be doing the paperwork in?

Spouse Stall Close #1

What if your spouse/partner says no? A) (if they won’t say no) Good, then I need your okay here. B) (if they say no, then we won’t buy) Would your spouse say no to the product or the money? What about the money, the price, monthly payment, down payment?

Spouse Stall Close #2

I agree and you should talk to your spouse/partner. But if your spouse is anything like mine, they would never tell me no when I love something. And I never tell her no when she loves something. I need your okay here.

Spouse Stall Close #3

I’m with you and I totally understand. But let me say this, it’s better to ask for forgivness than it is to ask for permission. So let’s get you going right away, sign here.

Spouse Stall Close #4

Great, if you are anything like me, my spouse/CFO talk about everything! In fact, my spouse/CFO would already know I’m out doing this. Does your spouse/CFO already know you’re here? Good, they know your looking at this machine, they know your considering this, they know your comapny needs this. Let’s do this!

Unavailable Party Close #1

The buyer agrees to ownership at figures and conditions spelled out, delivery is subject only to “the unavailable party’s” approval. Is that fair?



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Unavailable Party Close #2

Does this person approve of the present situation and the cost of it? If nothing changes except for the fact that your situation is improved, certainly he/she would support you in improving your situation.

Insurance Close

Who will you be insuring your new machine with? Great, what’s their number? I will call and get your insurance lined up and transferred today.

2nd Party Assist Close

[Look at 2nd party] At this figure, considering what you know about this product, knowing what you know about the 1st party, what advice would you give him about the decision to purchase this product and the fairness of the figures?

2nd Baseman Close #1

Will you be helping with the price, the downpayment, the monthly payment, the paperwork, or all of the above?

2nd Baseman Close #2

Did you want to work this out so its affordable using the money Party1 has alone, or did you plan on getting financially involved to make this work for Party1?

Immediate Delivery Close

If there aren’t any objections to moving forward with your new machine immediately, I will need your approval on the agreement.

Agreement Close #1

I agree it’s [objection 1], I need your okay here, let’s do this!

Agreement Close #2

I agree it’s a lot of money and I expect you know it’s a lot of money before we set this meeting. I need your okay on the agreement, let’s do this!

Agreement Close #3

I agree and everyone that has ever made this investment said the same thing. I need your okay on the agreement, let’s do this!

Won’t be the last time close

I agree and this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time that you spend more money than you expected to spend. I need your okay on the agreement, let’s do this!

Be greatful close

I agree with you. Now be greatful that you can invest this much money, not everyone can do that! I need your okay on the agreement, let’s do this!

Congratulations close

Yeah I understand it’s a big investment. And You should congratulate yourself for being able to make an investment of this magnitude. Not every coffee roaster can consider doing this. I need your okay on the agreement here.

Do it anyway close

I agree it’s a lot of money, do it anyway. I understand this is over budget, do it anyway.

Disease close

I know it’s more than you need and frankly it’s more than you wanted to spend. But sir, it’s not a disease. It’s not like you’re gonna die from this. Let’s do this!

Do it for me close

Sir, if you can’t do it for you, and can’t do it for your wife, or your company, then I’m going to ask you to do it for me. I’ll need your okay on the agreement, here.

Inventory close – Move down

Would you consider the product right under this? That would save you $XX,XXX, reduce the payment by X per month,..OR would you rather get exactly what you want and pay a little more?

Inventory close – Move up

Before I write this up, I want to share with you that if we move from the 800XP to the 7000XP, it would only be an added cost of $X,XXX, and would only change your monthly payment by $XXX. Would you consider this?

Selection alternative close

If the payments are too high, I suggest we go back and consider the model earlier. It won’t have X, Y, Z and all the things you said were important, BUT it would put you in a position to get what you want and you could later upgrade.

Package alternative close

If you don’t want to go down a model, and you won’t consider something 1 year older, why don’t we move down just a package? You would only have to give up these 2 options, but it would save you X and reduce your monthly payment by Z.

Payment breakdown close

Sir, we’re already less than $500 a month, the amount you want to pay. Breakdown the payments: the machine is $12K with a monthly payment of $350, the NitroFlush has a monthly payment of $100, the upgraded motor payment is $85 and $45 for taxes. So, A) we can remove the extras and the payments are only $350, B) You pay cash for the extras and your payment is still $395 which is the product you wanted plus taxes, or C) Get the extras, Keep your cash, pay the extra $3 per day to get exactly what you want. Now personally, I would go with option #3 and keep my cash. Which would you like to do?



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Budget close #1

Everyone who buys here is overbudget. But we all still work it out. We have a support group that meets here on Monday nights…overbudget. I need your okay on the agreement, let’s do this.

Budget close #2

You can probably say that about your about credit cards, taxes, car payments, insurance, house payments, groceries, restaraunts, heating bill, water bill. I mean, they are all over budget and more than you want to be, but you still do them every month. Now let’s do this!

Budget close #3

I understand and expect that this decision with have plenty of company at home and it won’t be all by itself. What I mean is, this won’t be the 1st purchase that is too much and is over budget. I need your okay on the agreement, here.

Budget close #4

Assuming your house note, car note,

Budget close #5

90% of the people I work with are over-budget…when they arrive here! Just because you may have made some decisions that didn’t make sense or made purchases that you didn’t really need, should not mean that you would penalize yourself today from getting those things that do make sense and that you do need. Let’s do this!

Assume Zero Balance Close

You’re payoff has nothing to do with the value of your machine. For instance, if you owed zero on that machine, would you want zero [on a trade in]? Of course not, it is worth what it is worth and it’s not going to get any better by waiting. Pay the difference between what it’s worth and what you owe, and let’s get you the machine you want. Sign here!

Payoff Close

Would you agree to purchase now, assuming we pay off the balance owed on his present note using the company’s rebates & discounts, OR by getting the lender to carry the difference over? Neal’s liquid funds will be used to reduce the amount financed on the new purchase. Sign here!

Delay Payment Close

John will own now, assuming we handle X & Y and set it up so that John will not have any payments the first 3 months. How does that work for you?

Momentum close

I’ve put all the numbers together and this is what we can do for you. I need your approval here [present the figures, pass the pen & shut up].

Pray about it close

Sir I appreciate that. I pray about every decision in my own life. Every morning I pray to myself. How are you most comfortable praying; on your knees, sitting down or standing up? Let’s pray together; I trust that god won’t mislead either of us, I’m willing to accept god’s will for the both of us.

Think about it Close #1

Thought is instantaneous. Think of a pink elephant. Did you get the picture? Think about your house burning down. Could you see it? Good. Thought is immediate. What you need to do now is make a decision. It’s not think time, it’s yes or no time. It’s do or don’t do time. I’m fine with either one, which one is it?



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Think about it Close #2

I understand that you need to think about it. However, your thinking won’t change the fact that this product saves you money, creates cashflow and that your company needs it. You’re going to do it sooner or later, no matter how long you think about it. Let’s get this done so you can think about the other things that need your attention. Sign here on the agreement!

Think about it Close #3

Great, do you think 2-3 days is long enough OR would 2-3 weeks be better? The truth is no matter how long you take, you’ll be faced with the same 3 questions. May I share those with you? 1) Does the product get you what you want? 2) Can you afford the product? 3) Am I the kind of person you want to do business with? If yes, sing your name on the agreement and let’s do this!

Think about it Close #4

Great, most people want to take time to think about their decisions before making decisions. Let me ask you, on a scale from 1-10, 10 (being ready to buy) where would you be?

Think about it Close #5

I understand and as a consumer myself, I have said the same thing, at which time I, A) Didn’t want to confront the salesperson, B) Didn’t want to dissapoint the salesperson, C) There was a concern that still hadn’t been addressed. Which one is It for you? [Shows understanding & empathy]

Re-Present close

Take a look at this, I want to show you how close we are to you making the wisest, most practical investment of your life, and redemonstrate the benefits of owning this machine.

Apology Close

I really need to apologize to you for not being able to come to terms with you. Can I ask, was it something I did? I tried really hard but, Was it something I failed to do? [No.] Then allow me to get the machine ready for you, VS you going home, OR having to go through the process of looking for another solution. Come on, let’s do this!

Refuse to believe close

I refuse to believe that you aren’t going to do this. It’s the right machine & product, the price is great AND I know you want & need it. Now let’s do this!

Can’t Quit close

Sir, I’m not going to quit on you. You’re either going to buy from me now OR I’m going to call you everyday until you do this. This is the right thing, this is a great deal, I am the right company, I will take better care of you than anyone. I just want you to know upfront that I will not quit. I can do it now, OR I can come back and do it later, BUT I’m not going to quit on you.

Three Yes’s Close

Did I answer all your questions? Were we easy to get to? Am I the type of person you feel comfortable serving you? Good, then I need your okay on the agreement!

Referral Close

Before we get involved with the figures, WHO do you know that may be in the market for a machine like this? Someone that is interested in X, Y and Z, similar to you?

Down to the penny close

We are with in $XX.00 per month, of you getting exactly what you want. In comparison to the price and the length of time you will own this, $XX.00 is a miniscule amount. Let’s do this!



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Reduce to the ridiculous close

$1000 a month? That’s ONLY $30 a day. You’re going to be using this machine every week, every day, in a place where you already eat, sleep and breath your business. You will create thousands of $$ in more cashflow & be able to grow your business, all for what, $30 a day? Come on, that’s ridiculous; Let’s do this!

Better to live rich close

It’s better to pay a little extra and get what you want than to pay a little less and make a mistake. It’s better to live rich than to die rich; and trust me, you’re going to die! Let’s do this, I need your approval on the agreement here.

Can’t take it with you close

I agree it’s a lot of money. But let’s face it; you can’t take it with you. Let’s do this!

No shortage of Money close

I agree it’s a lot of money. But there is no shortage of money on this planet. Now there is a shortage of people that are happy, who have the things they want AND who love their lives. Now, let’s do this!

Reason to buy close

May I ask, are you looking for reasons to MAKE a decision today, OR are you looking for reasons to NOT make a decisions. Good, what are the reasons to do this?

If I COULD, would you close

If I could handle every objection you had, if I could handle and get you every request you’ve had, would you make a decision to invest in this machine?

11th inning close

What figures and terms would be necessary for you to say yes to this investment?

Justify close

How do you justify an investment of this size?


Would there be any reason you’d change your mind about this decision? / Any reason you wouldn’t be able to come in and sign papers tonight at 7?

Everything the same close

If everything were the same, which product and who would you rather buy from? Why else?

Money equal close

If the money was the same, which product would you rather own or who would you rather buy from?

Copy close

[Customer asks for copy of contract] While I was making this copy I realized something is not right here. If everything was right you would be asking me when are we shipping, when are we installing, when is the training service. You wouldn’t be asking me for a copy. What’s not right?

Paperwork close

Who’s name will we be doing the paperwork in? Your name, the company’s name, or both?

Important person close

Do to your stature and influence in town/our industry, we are going to do something special for you that we don’t normally do. [Present offer]



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3rd party close

If I can get the seller to agree to what you are asking, would you agree to close now? Sign here, here and I’ll see if the seller will agree.

Treat yourself close

Of course it’s a lot of money! And this isn’t something that you’d do everday. Treat yourself! I need your okay here & here.

Work hard close

I know it’s a lot of money, I know it’s more than you want to spend. And this is why someone like you works so hard, so that you can scale your business and get the things you deserve.

You deserve it close

I know you’re over budget, and the fact is that you deserve it. And if you don’t deserve it, then I don’t know anyone who does deserve it. I need your agreement here & here.

Discount close

[Price is too high] And that is exactly the reason you should do this now. And you should get it for youself and start doing this/enjoying this now.

Summary close

Let me remind you of what we are giving you here, [ summarize 1, 2, 3 points]. I need you approval here & here.

No equity close

[customer: I don’t have money right now] Would you agree to owning your new filling machine, assuming we can arrange financing with no money down? IF so, I’ll need your approval here & here.

Ben Franklin Close

I understand how hard it is to make a decision. And it is said that Ben Franklin, one of our founding father, when faced with big decisions would write out the pros & cons of the decisions so he could get an accurate evaluation of the right thing to do. So tell me, what are the pros and advantages of this purchase? What are the cons? Write them out; if the pros outweight the cons, we do business!

Comparison Investment Close

Let’s compare what you have now, to what you are moving up to. The reality is that right now you pay $2600 a month and your payment is going to go to $5000. The payments double, but you get a new neighborhood, safer neighborhood, newer home, all new applicances, for $80 per day.

Same product close

[Customer: I have a better price from your competitor] Okay, which would you rather own if the money were the same? Why is that? Why else? Recap all the reasons, I need your okay here on the agreement. Let’s do this! [Let me tell you why it’s more money, recap all the same reasons. Close]

Same product (theirs) close

Which would you rather own if the money were the same. “The competitor.” Really, why is that? Extract all the reasons. Good, follow me, I want to show you something. [Present a new product, customer currently on wrong product]

Now and Later close

[Customer wants to wait] Excellent, I would consider waiting on a decision like this too. Let me suggest that I show you the cost of doing it now VS the cost of doing it later. The cost now is $85K. The cost is later is aproximately 6% more with the new price increases this spring. That cost equals another $5100, and a monthly cost of $600 that you don’t need to waste. Not to mention, that with this new machine, you, the company, and your customers would be benefitting without paying the extra costs of waiting. Look, let’s do the smart thing. Sign here & here!

Flush the objection close

If everything were right, would you make a deision to purchase the product right now? Yes? Okay, so what’s not right, is it the price, the financing, the product, the terms, is it me, the company?

You knew that before close

Yes sir, I agree it’s a lot of money. And you knew that before you got here. Now I need your approval here and here.

Gratitude close

Yes sir, I agree it’s a lot of money. Be greatful that you and your company are in a position to consider this product. [Be greatful because] there are businesses right now shutting down their doors, and people right now that don’t even know where they are going to get their next meal. They’d love to be in the position that you are in. You are able to do this, your competitors can’t. You deserve it, you’ve work hard for this, be greatful you that you can do this. Sign here and here.



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Unwind close

[Customer changes their mind] No problem, I’ll tell you what we can do. Let’s just put this off; let’s put off the idea of making a decision for a while. How does that feel to you? Feels good, right? I go through the same thing myself. I know what I want, I go out and find it. When it comes time to make a final decision, I get scared everytime! I get scared I’m not doing the right thing, that maybe this is the wrong thing, it’s wrong time, and that it’s too much money. Tell me this, do you really believe this machine satisfys your needs? 2) Is this machine affordable? The big question on #3, is it time for your company to expand? Yes, good sign here & here. Let’s do this.

Wait close

Certainly you can do that. Let me just share with you what happens when you wait. 1) You and your company still need the machine. 2) It’s costing you not to have the machine. The cost alone over 6 months will cost you $XX,XXX. 3) Nothing changes when you leave here, except prices go up. So let’s get this done, as you have many other things to get your attention on. Sign here!

Value exceeds price close

[Customer: competitor is cheaper] I understand and I assure you that there is a great difference between what I deliver and what my competitor delivers. Once you see, you taste what that actually is, you will see that I actually offer more value than what they’ve presented to you. And once value exceeds price, I think you will agree that, price is no longer is the issue. Sign here & here.

Three agreements close

Do you agree that this is the right product for you? Do you agree that sooner or later your company will have to make this purchase? Would you agree that we have always serviced you? Good, then lets do this as you know it’s the right thing to do.

Minor point close

Do you like the color? Do you like the size? Can you see yourself using it daily/weekly? Let’s get it wrapped up. I need you to sign here & here.

Who taught you that close

[Can’t afford it] Look shocked, Who taught you to think like that? You can do anything you want to do. You can afford whatever you want to afford. You are capable of doing anything and everything that you choose to. That’s not you talking to me right now, it’s got to be someone else. Who taught you to say you can’t afford it, or that you need to think about it, or I can’t do that. That’s not you. Come on, let’s do this deal. Sign here and here.

Able close

Sir forgive me, but when you say that you can’t do it today, I’ve got to tell you. You are shocking me! I’m just shocked. You are one of the most competent, most able, most intelligent people that I’ve ever sat in front of. I have people that don’t have near your capacity, near your wherewithal to purchase this machine everyday, and they do it. Now come on let’s do this, sign here and here.

Intelligence close

[Customer: Need to think about it] Sir, you are one of the most intelligent people that has ever sat across from me. And you know that you have a lifetime comprised of intelligent and well-thought out decisions. THIS will be another intelligent decision. Let’s do this, I need your signature here.

Do the right thing close #1

[Stall] I want you to do the right thing. And if you don’t think this is the right thing, I certainly don’t want you to do it. I want you to do the right thing as I trust that you are a person that prides himself on always doing the right thing. If this purchase doesn’t fit under the right things, then I don’t want you to do it; BUT i don’t believe that to be the case. Let’s do this, if you think it’s the right thing. If not, tell me what is not right?

Do the right thing close #2

I want you to do the right thing as I trust that you are a person that prides himself on always doing the right thing. You have built a life of right actions & decisions. If this investment doesn’t fit under the right things, then don’t do it. Now let’s logically look at this so you can make the right decision. Let me ask you, give me one reason that makes it the right thing to do? Reason it’s the wrong thing to do? [Go back & forth]. Boom, close the deal.

Scarcity close

As you are aware there is a limited availbility of this machine, there is a huge demand for the product and I want to insure that you are able to get what you want. So let’s get the paperwork done so I can insure that you are able to get one before the shipping container fills up. Let’s do this!

Take away close

Let me suggest that you don’t do this right now. If you come back tomorrow, take some time, take the night to think about it, and you come back tomorrow. If somebody already steps up and the machine is spoken for, you would have to take that as a sign from the coffee gods that it wasn’t meant for you. [Sit back in chair and WAIT]

First or last close

The reality is that you’re either going to buy this now or you’re going to buy this later. But you know that you need this, and you know you are going to do it sooner or later. The question is, do you want to be the 1st to do it or the last to do it? Do you want to do it now or do it later? You know what, let’s this. Let’s make you the 1st, not the last! Sign here.

Sooner or later close

The reality is that you’re either going to buy this sooner or later and you know it. You need the machine, you like (love) the machine, you can afford the machine. So let’s do this sooner rather than later. Let’s get this done now.



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Done and over close

Of course you could wait. You don’t have to make a decision right now. But I want to get it done and over so YOU can put your attention on things that are more important to you. I need your signature here & here.

Never the best close

There is never a best time to make this decision, as you will always have things going on. Let’s do this now, you’re going to do it sooner or later, let’s get this handled so you can start benefitting from it right now. I need your signautre here & here.

Won’t allow close

I understand your position. However, I cannot allow you NOT own this product. It is the right thing for you and your company, I would never mislead you and it is the right thing to do. Let’s roll!

Ownership close

John, I’m putting your name on this. I will not let someone else get this product as I know it’s the right thing for you. I know it’s perfect for you and that you are going to do it sooner or later. How do you want to pay for it?

Contribution close

While you alone are making the decision, I want to share with you that your decision does not affect just you. It also benefits others when you say yes to doing this now. Your purchase goes a long way to helping a lot of people [list them]. I know you like the idea of contributing to others. I need you approval on here on the sales order.

Personal favor close

While untimately it is your decision, I would ask you to consider one other thing. The fact that you would do this now would be a personal favor to me as I certainly benefit (I need the help right now) and it would greatly be appreciated by me and my family. Would please do me a personal favor and agree to do this now?

The Beg close

I’m begging you to do this now. It will make all the difference to me, to my family and it will make the difference to my month. I need your help. Sign here and here.

The game close

I’m asking you to do this now rather than waiting. We are playing a game here, and your decision today will go a long way to my team (which you’re on BTW) winning the game whereby we all benefit in a big way and we beat our opposing teams. I’m counting on you as a team member to make sure we win this game. Be on our team, help us win. Sign here.

Commission close

Anymore of a discount will result in me not getting paid on this transaction, and I know you don’t want that. What remains as a profit is actually my commission. Come on, help me out here. I’m working day and night with only the small hope that if I work hard ENOUGH, I might get where you are, one day. Sign here.

Leave it up to the bank close

It’s obvious you are concerned about the money. Let me suggest since money is the issue, we leave it up to the bank. If the lender aproves the deal, and I know they won’t approve it if they don’t think you can do it, then we do the deal. If not, then no harm done! Sign here and here; we’ll leave it up to the lender.

Puppy dog close

Let me suggest that you take delivery and try it out for a month. At the end of the month, you decide whether it’s the right thing for you or not. If you decide it’s not, then ship it back and no problem.

Feel, Felt & Found close

I appreciate the way you feel, I’ve felt EXACTLY the same way…UNTIL I found out that….(the price isn’t getting any lower, we don’t have more inventory coming in, that there is NEVER a best time)

Quality Close

I know it’s more money than you considered, I know it’s more money than your business partner considered. And I would expect that is EXACTLY the same thing that happens to the both of you when you buy any products. It is obvious, you are people that examplify quality, you buy quality goods, you live in quality, you wear quality, and you know that quality products cost more than other products. Now let’s get this done so you can start benefitting from it now.



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Future day close

Since I’m unable to get you to do this today, can I at least get a commitment and an agreement from you that you will do this with me at some time in the future?

Price guarantee close

Since price is your only concern, I’d like to personally offer you our price promise guarantee; which is if you were to leave here setup with our product and find a better price from anyone, we will match that price. This is our way of giving you the assurance that you are getting the very best price. Since I have now resolved your concern about money, I need your signature here and here.

Now or never close

This is the offer I’m making you for right this moment in time, and it is a now or never offer, as I will not be able to make it available tonight, tomorrow, or even later today. Because we have an incentive available to us right now, I am able to offer you this right now. And John, it expires when you leave here. Look, let’s do this so you can take advantage of the incentives I’m being provided right now.

Done everything possible close

I have done everything possible…

Get more done close

[Stall] John, the sooner we get this done, the more you will be free to get other things done and the more time to concentrate on those things not yet done. Let’s do this so you can get on with doing all the other things that require your attention.

Handshake close

You know it serves your needs, you know you can afford it, it’s only a matter of time before you do it. Let’s get this done. [Reach out with open hand and shut up]

Additional service close

While I have done everything I can do for you on the money, I am willing to offer you additional service beyond what we and I would normally commit to, like; annual free service checks, personal visits, re-training & instructions for new-hires & new-users of the machine, a weekly/monthly call to make sure you are getting what you need from your investment. But what I need from you is a signature here on the agreement.

Pressure close #1

[Are you pressuring me?] Not yet, but trust me, I am willing to resort to pressure to get this done tonight. I need your approval here.

Pressure close #2

[You pressuring me?] Please don’t confuse my enthusiasm, my insistence and my confidence in my proposal with pressure. I’m confident that this is the right thing for you to do. Now let’s do this.

Pressure close #3

[Are you pressuring me?] Not yet, but don’t think I won’t resort to it. If you prove yourself capable of not making a decision, not doing the right thing for your business, not doing it tonight, don’t think that I won’t resort to pressure. Now come on man, let’s do this!

Rash decision close #1

I understand and the reality is, at this point it would be impossible to consider ANY decision you made rash. You and I have met on 3 separate occasions about this proposal. You, your staff and my people have spent hours considering all the possibilities. Sign here.

Rash decision close #2

I agree, I never make a rash decision. Saying yes right now could not be considered rash or snap. You have needed this product for years now. At this point, its not only not a rash decision, it is the most reasonable, logical and frankly the only decision you can make. Sing here.

Nothing to do with decision close

I hear you and I agree. But the reality is there are only a few reasons you won’t do this today. None of which have anything to do with your ability to make decisions or your concern about rash decisions. May I share them with you? 1) Lack of confidence in the product. 2) Price or terms are not right. 3) You don’t have confidence in me or my company. Which one is it?

Either way close

I understand, but either way you are making a decision. You’ll need to make a decision to continue with what you have, or make a decision to get what you deserve. What I mean is, either way you will spend money, all decisions cost money. The question is whether you are going to reward yourself with something that you need, you want and that you deserve?




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