Peggy McColl: Your Destiny Switch Book Summary

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“Before you can have a different life, before you can be happier, wiser, more at peace and in quiet command of yourself, you must first be different. BEING IS EVERYTHING.” – – Peggy McColl




Everything on earth and in the heavens has Being because – all forms are an expression of one great Intelligent, Creative Energy. An individual rose cannot choose not to have thorns, or attract bees. Its nature is a fixed expression of being. BUT Human nature, your nature is not fixed. It can be TRANSFORMED. And this fact empowers us in a very special way. It means that as a feature of our BEING, each of us is created with the power to choose our own DESTINY.




Your being is in a constant process of unfolding. That it will unfold is not your choice. Being is a gift you cannot refuse. It came with BIRTH. But how the rest of your life unfolds is something you can INFLUENCE. It is called MAKING Choices. BUT before you can learn how to change your destiny, you must first realise that secret place within yourself where your own future is created. You must consciously enter that place of POWER where BEING and your Present Nature meet; that PLACE where all life choices are made for you. It is called the PRESENT MOMENT: The NOW. And this NOW is the seed of all that comes later.


*Choose to CHANGE Now*


Make it your moment to moment practice to stay awake, and to watch for all the opportunities that you own NOW presents. Learning how to use these moments leads to real inner change, which is the same as being in command of your DESTINY. And as you awaken to this higher life within yourself, you naturally attract higher and happier events. There is no sure thing as a wasted step when your final destination is self transformation.


Key # 1: Step out of the Rush and into your Own Life


If you want to find what is timeless, dare to live as though you have all the time in the world. STEP OUT NOW>


Key # 2: Take Responsibility for Your Life Experience


The way you feel toward what you meet in life is a direct expression of who you are. AND who you ARE is exactly the same as what you secretly VALUE. Being willing to see you feel the way you do, because you treasure what You DO, is what it MEANS to take responsibility for your life.


Key # 3: Refuse to be Self Compromising


Your true nature is NOW. There is no later. You cannot be divided and be content chose to be WHOLE.


Key # 4: Remember you are not the Only One in the World


It may feel like it, but you are not the only one in the world who SUFFERS! Really consider other people as being human too.


Key # 5: Go beyond the Best you think you can


You must do more. Take the step you are sure you cannot take. You will discover that the “YOU” who could not is only a thought that believes it cannot. See this then get GOING BEYOND YOURSELF.


Key # 6: Realise that there is NO GAIN in BLAME


Why blame another when it is your feelings that are hurting you? Then DARE to DROP them. You will feel better. There is NO GAIN, only PAIN, in BLAME.


Key # 7: Have a Spirit


Your True nature is neither thought nor emotion. You are Spirit. And your spirit is always light. BE LIGHT SPIRITED.


Key # 8: Step down as JUDGE


The easiest thing in the world is to walk around unconsciously feeling superior to everyone you meet. BUT with what do you measure? A critical spirit? A judgmental mind? What kind of eyes have to look down on another to convince themselves of as being superior? Step down as Judge.


Key # 9: Face those Fearful feelings


Look inward: It is the inner-ground you are standing on that is not SOLID.


Key # 10: Help someone else go higher


There are no things as separate self, so anything you do to encourage another person to do better, or go further, is the same as helping yourself go higher. Try a little kindness even if you are not feeling that way at the moment. Then you will. Help someone else go higher.


Key # 11: Release all resentments


It is very important for you to see that holding on to some hurt, or hatred, over what others may have done to you in the past, makes you their slave in the HERE and NOW. Is that what you want? Learn to ask for something new by refusing to relive what has been tearing at you.


Key # 12:  Do what is TRUE regardless of the Consequences


All you can lose is FEAR if you stay TRUE.



Key # 13: Let the empty space fill itself


Leave the empty space-this allows it to fill itself – which it wants to do – with something you cannot give yourself. The end of feeling empty, stay out of it. Do not fill the emptiness. Let the empty space fill itself.



Key # 14: Stop explaining yourself to others


You are not required by any law to explain yourself to anyone – STOP NOW.


Key # 15:  Laugh in the face of defeat


Defeat is nothing but a bad memory. Stay in the PRESENT moment, Learn to LAUGH now.


Key # 16: Follow what you LOVE


Put what you love first. The rest of your life will take care of itself because LOVE always finds a way. Love never considers fear. And with LOVE as your guide, your SUCCESS in life is assured since its NATURE is already the perfect prize. Follow what you love. You are sure to find a HAPPY HEART.


Key # 17: Start all over Again


And you can have just as many new beginnings as you are willing to leave behind you all of your IDEAS about yourself. Life can only be as new as you choose to be. WAKE UP, START Your LIFE OVER NOW.


Key # 18: Keep your Chin Up


Hold yourself up high! Keep your chin up. Consciousness likes heights. Dare to follow.


Key # 19: Let it go!


Let something higher have its hand at directing your life. Let your show go. Then watch for a happy ending coming soon.


Key # 20: Stop looking outside of yourself


Your life is only as complete as you are. Being complete is first an Understanding, then a Feeling. Stop looking outside of yourself. Seek the understanding, seek it within. The Feeling will follow.


Key # 21: Have your own life


The only real pleasure comes from knowing that you have your own life. Take your life back now. Stop letting someone else decide what goes or not in your life. Step up and Take your life back NOW.


Key # 22: Put your life in Perfect order


Remember each day of your life, there is already an Order. Let go into its flow. And there you will find you are small no more.






Key # 23: Jump into the Battle


True strength is the flower of wisdom, but its seed is ACTION. To learn, you must jump into battle. Fear not, you cannot be hurt in this fight. Never let a fearful thought keep you from this new strength. Enter the battle now.


Key # 24: Discover the difference between your Head and your Heart


Right, bright emotions spring from the heart. Heavy feelings cannot exist without the presence of negative thoughts. This means sad states are just a trick of the mind! To see through any state of sadness, see the difference between the head and the heart.


Key # 25: Look UP!


The celestial is always Present. You can always glimpse the Higher, BUT you have to remind yourself to look in the right direction Look UP Now.


Key # 26: Get one thing done.


Never mind how much there is to do, or how hard some task appears to be. Get at least one thing done.


Key # 27: Go Quiet….


Go quiet, its OK not to know. Knowing that you do not know what to do put you where you need to be, to learn. New understanding flowers in a quiet mind – GO QUIET NOW.


Key # 28: Separate the Fact from the FEAR


The fact of any problem and the fearful feeling about it, are separate issues appearing as one. They merge only in a thought telling you cannot exist without the other; which is like thinking you cannot feel a chill without having the plaque. The fear you feel over any situation is the same as your demands upon it. Separate facts from fears now.


Key 29 #: Catch yourself in the ACT


Life is only real when you are. Catch yourself in the ACT. Then just drop it.


Key # 30: Know that the TIME is always NOW


You cannot change the kind of person you are later. There is no later. It is always NOW or NEVER. You cannot be kind later. And you cannot learn later. BUT even when you cannot succeed with starting your life over, keep this TRUTH in MIND: You can always START OVER AGAIN. The time to change your DESTINY is NOW.


Final Note

te by Deidre Carballo:


*It is important to understand that it is not our thinking that creates our circumstances, but the EMOTION that is attached to our THOUGHTS. The universe responds to the FEELING and the EMOTION of our Thoughts – not the thoughts themselves. This is what activates the energy and produces the things we experience in our lives.


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