Mark Fisher: The Instant Millionaire Book Summary

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  • Most people are afraid of asking for things, and when they finally do, they don’t insist enough: that’s a mistake.
  • Think seriously on WHY I’m not rich already.
  • Love what you do–> successful people hardly take vacations as they love what they do…
  • BelieveI can succeed!
  • Seize opportunities and take risks!
  • Use other people’s money to become rich!
  • Take action NOW, even if in imperfect conditions. Don’t wait for all the things to be perfect or I’ll never start and miss lots of opportunities.
  • Burn my bridges: I have no choice but to become rich. Make sure I have no choice: put my back to the wall: use all my inner strengths to succeed or die –> take risks! BUT always cover my back! Be conscious, but not too much or I’ll lose my opportunities!
  • Have integrity.
  • If you do the same things, you’ll get the same results mostof the time (not always).
  • Mozart: “true genius resides in simplicity.”
  • Have faith! In myself and in becoming successful.
  • Life gives you what you askfor! –> be clear!
  • Focus on my goal: e.g. “I want 1M€ by age 40”. Quantified, precise objective. Have clear how much money I wanna earn this year: e.g. 80k€ –> this amount is what I think I’m worth in a year –> work on myself to have a HIGH self-image!! (e.g. Tiger Woods: 100M$/yr)
  • The outside world is what I internally think of it –> attitude is everything: change my thoughts! Rational thoughts are instruments, but are not enoughto get to success! Have faith in the power of my mind, regardless of naysayers! “I can get rich!” Everything is possible if I think it is!
  • You have 1 hour left to live!” words have strong meanings: imagination always wins over logic! –> Success is not only reason, but also heart!
  • The greatest limitations are the ones weimpose on ourselves! The greatest obstacles are mental onesExpand my mental limits and comfort zones. Have wider & wider boundaries.
  • Your objectives and goals should be bold (ambitious) but reasonable! But don’t be overly conservative. Destroy my mental limitations, expand my boundaries.
  • Secret to my financial destiny (clear written goals with a deadline): “I’ll be a millionaire in 6 years to the date: 16-3-2019.” Then 10 millions in the next 6 years… ANY GOAL/DREAM CAN BE WRITTENTHE SAME WAY.
  • Take note on the impressions the written sentence gives me: the goal/dream needsto be in my innermost thoughts! Think about it every moment!
  • Attitude of the millionaire: words combined with images and emotions/feelings. My character is my destiny –>DESIRE firmly to become rich. Have FAITH I’ll succeed –> through the repetition of words (to the subconscious).
  • Experience is a much better teacher than mere theory. Experience is life!
  • Thoughts –> words –> POWER!
  • My mission: mastering of my destiny and fulfilling my dreams!
  • The problems I face have nothing to do with me! –> be detached and don’t make them bigger than they are! They will look small in a few years time.
  • Life can be a rose garden or a hell on earth: think of roses most of the time, especially when I have problems. Don’t shoulder the burden of my problems. This is not just optimism! My life conditions dependon my inner thoughts!
  • Secret of success: love what you do and love for others!
  • “I’ll be a millionaire in 6 years to the date: 16-3-2019.” Accept this formula as the truth: have faith! Convince the subconscious, through my words& emotions –> create the self-image I want: accept as truth I’ll be a millionaire: pretend it’s TRUE! Repetition of self-suggestions –> the power of self-image! Use my subconscious & its powers!
  • Assets = total wealth (money, car, jewels, investments…) after all expenses.
  • g. Now I have 32’000EUR. Double my assets each year for 6 years, and I’ll be a millionaire!
  • “By the end of the 2012 I’ll possess assets worth 32’000EUR. I’ll double my assets every year for 5 years so that I’ll be a millionaireby 2018!”
  • Have also short term objectives and an annual goal. Write on paperPlan & charts, project the plan, dream to be rich and quantify it, with dates –> quantified goal with a deadline (–> I needside activities if I work for someone else, or change job! Otherwise I won’t meet my deadlines!). REPEAT my goals over and over, and seize any opportunity without fears! Don’t hesitate!
  • Issuemy subconscious with orders: double my assets each year! It will obey!
  • Have self-confidence –> high self-image: I’m WORTH a lot more than I think!!
  • “I’ll be a millionaire by 16-3-2019!” Say it 50 times per day. DISCIPLINE: persist, say it loud! Conquer my doubts: I will succeedBe an instant millionaire by thinkingI am! Master my destiny!
  • Formula: “every day in every way I’m getting better and better!” repeat it endlessly. Never lose happiness for the search of money. Be alert. Don’t lose my perspective! Don’t be afraid. Remember that money is a medium, not a purpose. Don’t be a slave of money!Money is my slave!
  • Know clearly what I want so I can avoid mistakes: think!
  • Key to happiness: “if I had to die tonight, have I accomplished everything I should have this day?” –> plan each day & do what I love doing.
  • Do what you love –> KNOW what you love/want! Don’t give up your dreams! If I had 24 hours to live, I’d do what I love to do! –> Do it every day! Don’t fear to lose my security! Be a genius by doing what I love! …and maybe I will die tomorrow… there is not a lot of time if you don’t use it well (Seneca) –> DO! Take action! –> Live each day as if it was my last, and live it to the fullest by doing what I love!Have the courageto do what I love! My dreams have to be bigger than my fears. DARE! What do I really enjoy? Of course every job has some drawbacks, but if I had 1M€ in the bank, would I still do the same job? If not –> this job is not what I like! –> do what I like!
  • My character IS my destiny. Get control over myself, be the master of my life by mastering my mind: “every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”
  • When I’m angry, think tranquillity as power: “Be still, and know that I am GOD!” –> this will give me calmness. I could do anything. Repeat this formula: it’s the most powerful ever!
  • Write all I want from life, in detail (it will show how narrow I think: have greatambitions), every dream for the next 5 years. E.g.: house, car, 500k in cash, 500k in stocks, 500k in real estate, 6 weeks of vacation, <40hrs/week work, philosophy and art, history, a maid & a cook, wife & children, travel around the world. DON’T THINK SMALL! Don’t be too specific though (e.g. I can’t live in Buckingham palace… but I can live in something similar).
  • The strongermy mind becomes, the greater dreams I’ll achieve. “Faith moves mountains” (Jesus). Believe in myself. Follow my intuition.
  • Live in the hereand the now, don’t dwell in the future or the past. Concentrate in what I’m doing, focus on the present. Learn to concentrate –> attention to details, in everything! Don’t be distracted!
  • Don’t be overly anxious. By concentration I’ll know why I’m here, now–> I’ll see clearly, and accept my starting position. Ask luck to help you, and she will!
  • Concentrate: reflect, meditate on the rose; any problem will transform in a beautiful rose! “Be still and know I’m God!” Things are as important as the mind says so. The problems are problems only if I make them so –> inner peace, concentrate: the problems have no hold of me, they don’t exist! They’re just situations(and opportunities)!
  • At a certain height there are no clouds –> if I’m struggling, it’s because I’m nothigh enough!
  • My subconscious will lead me to the field where I’ll work. Just command it with what I like and know what my goals are. Ask, and my subconscious will find the answer.
  • Find a work that satisfies my heart!
  • Connect with my essence, and I’ll find WHY I’m on Earth.
  • Never give up before trying!And when you try, have faith you’ll succeed –> the power of my thoughts will do the rest. Be in harmony with myself. Have no doubt (as it’d be a thought that materializes itself)! Ask for what I needAsk with faith (and kindness) and I’ll get what I want!
  • The value of work is the strengthof my thoughts and desires! –> the outer world is a reflection of my inner world –> be positive, without doubts, ask being convinced that I’ll get it, as if it were already mine (power of self-suggestion). Nevertheless, ask thinking of the good of people, or my thoughts will go against me…
  • Have no fear! Conquer it!
  • Money must flow freely in order to grow.
  • The power of the mind is the greatest. Greatest goal: FREEDOM, not money! And freedom is reached through detachment. Have desire and help others: there’s no coincidence! The truth will set me free: discover who I really am!
  • Books: read them, but only the great ones (of the competent)… not all are good! And testevery method you learn.
  • Share this legacy with others.


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