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Dee-Anne grew up in the spinifex desert country of Mt. Isa, Australia. Dee0anne has followed her passion and studied theosophy for 30 years. She now live in Emerald Central, Queensland, and shares her practical teachings to help all others receive their purposes by combining the skills they have with being enlightened to find the answers for these changing times.



  • When you are doing something you love, it becomes a lifestyle, which you may never retire from.
  • The inner system of enlightenment has always been closer in our daily lives than what most people realise.
  • Sometimes we say the exact answer to our own questions.
  • We speak with a poor expression of what we are really trying to understand.
  • Being mindful of your thoughts and how they make you feel can be a tedious life practise until you get a glimpse of your true self. This is when freedom from mind enters your life.
  • The mind you use to try to see your true self does not recognise if it has never seen. Once you stop looking within and realise you are the one doing the looking to recognise yourself, the mind will understand.
  • Whatever image you pray or wish upon is yourself, imagining who you think has power greater than yourself. When the mind is looking above, it is looking straight at you. You are the only one who creates all images in the mind.


Part 1: You Are Living within Your Mind, and from Your Mind You Live


Chapter 1: The Subconscious Become Our Loyal Friend

  • The day we understand the purpose of the mind, we seek less guidance from other people and grow more confident to ask of the true self.
  • The rational mind’s understandings has only what it is trained to think.
  • Our physical identification with body and our surroundings are the illusory barriers we are breaking through.
  • There are no fences between the physical, the subconscious, and the higher mind. They all intermingle, flowing nonstop.
  • The answers for your own best outcome to any question will flow in once you realise you are not your physical mind. You are the one who sees that the physical mind has limitations. The answers are always flowing in from beyond the physical mind, but remember: beyond the physical, all takes on a nonphysical form.
  • When we spend our lives identifying only with the physical part of the mind, we miss out on the valuable guidance that comes from our subconscious and the higher mind.
  • Identify yourself as the watcher over the mind.
  • Mostly all thoughts are of a continual flowing motion, and the segmented nature is hidden from our awareness.
  • The subconscious mind is our loyal friend, well trained in all our repetitive actions. Everything we do without even thinking – such as walking and swimming or even playing a guitar – is all done on auto pilot.
  • The substance that this world is made of is never spoken of other than as energy. All is energy in both worlds, and both worlds need to be seen as truth.


Chapter 2: The Magnitude of the Greater Mind Can Be Proven Only to Yourself

  • The greater mind is the suggestion of expansion and infinity, otherwise referred to as the higher consciousness. This also gives the suggestion of a higher, finer frequency. To give a picture of the magnitude of this greater mind, it is best described as perfect, complete, and absolute. These words all have the same meaning. We receive from the greater mind all our inspirational ideas, intuition, and guidance. There are no polarities in this greater mind; it is formed completely and absolutely perfect.
  • To enable the reasoning mind to level-headedly understand this magnitude, picture everything that has ever passed through your life from birth to now in a flowing motion. From thoughts of experiences to the changes in your body, you see everything moving through your mind. Everything is moving through our lives segment by segment. At any moment, life seems exactly how you see it, until the awareness of this moving current sets in. If we look now at magnitude of the greater mind and focus on how all things are continually moving, we can let go of attachment to any present situation and allow out future to arrive differently. It is only our focus and our beliefs that hold tight as attachments to all things in our lives.
  • The first step in understanding knows each physical moment is in a current, always changing and never permanent, yet bonding by attraction to our subconscious.
  • Each person has a certain nature: a blueprint of all they feel love for – all interests they are drawn to by their love for them. These are the naturally matching vibrations of love and interest.


Chapter 3: Bringing the Three Realms Together as One

  • Our essential needs go beyond food, water, and shelter. The pillars of all humans are love, body, needs, and freedom to do and be what is in our individual hearts fulfilment of purpose. There unseen pillars of every person can be overlooked when we perceive our physical situation as the cause of our discontentment.
  • The spark of our own identity is the feeling of aliveness, which stands back from all the currents of Earth and mind to observe its own differences from what is being perceived.


Chapter 4: The Mechanics of the Mind

  • Our beliefs stay in the subconscious from childhood. Our beliefs, whether good or bad, are placed upon all thoughts, words, and images, and this is our reality. Our subconscious accepts all beliefs of our reality without any evidence needed.
  • All our beliefs are on auto pilot, as are our bodies.
  • All this thinking passing through our minds does not have any effect on our feelings until we give attention to a thought. This attention holds the thought in our circulating current of subconscious, which is full of our beliefs. Than zap goes our live current, sparking the emotion into motion.
  • Any thought held long enough will become your reality.




Chapter 5: Our Personal Visions

  • A gift of enlightenment is received by understanding that the act of self-forgiveness is much more than just kindness to oneself.
  • The most powerful belief you can place upon the subconscious mind is forgiveness for yourself for all misleading beliefs of doubts and fears – epically towards oneself.
  • Our doubts hold us back from reading our dreams
  • The doubts stop all incoming ideas and intuition required to reach our dreams.
  • Doubt is the opposite of belief, and we need to believe in ourselves to reach our goals or dreams.
  • Bring into your mind what you would love to be doing with your life.
  • Combining what you love with the energy of inspiration is what sets in motion all changing elements.
  • Each person’s purpose in this life is what he or she loves and all-interests that are dear to his or her heart. This essence is what shapes our lives and draws us towards certain careers, landscapes, and lifestyles.
  • Within our minds, we experience and comprehend what everything is.
  • The only thing stopping us is what is in our minds.


Chapter 6: Looking the Bull in the Eye

  • The part of the mind that needs all the belief, trust, and solutions is the subconscious mind. The reasoning mind adjusts easily; it already knows it is being watched by you.
  • There is a shortcut to prevent spending the rest of your life untangling the dreadlocks of doubts and fears. These doubts hiding in our subconscious can be as scary or as stubborn as a bull. The shortcut is the first-time experience of really looking the doubts in the eye. Grab the bull by the horns.
  • Remember that self-forgiveness shows the true identity of the real self, and a solution will dissolve any impatience that may arise. When you are sitting alone thinking of what you would really love to do with your life and doubt or worry stand in your way, first dig deep in this recognition of what is passing through your mind and feelings. Then forgive yourself for allowing this to take charge of your dream.
  • Then keep looking the bull straight in the eye and sense how you are feeling in your body. The bull will call its name (e.g., lost, lazy, confused), and then you have it by the horns. As soon as any names register in your consciousness, you will instantly feel the emotion subside and the bull will back off. You are now in control, because you are the one who is looking at this named bull.
  • For years most people just get on with their jobs, their relationships, and their lives while wearing a mask of politeness. This acceptance is what keeps society functioning.
  • Knowing yourself includes knowing what your personality is; your blueprint of character and all you love will always be. Recognize this and be honest with your own heart. Even though we do have to be polite in all areas of our lives, we must be honest to ourselves.
  • You will find your real personality is within your dream or vision.


Chapter 7: The Art between the cause and the Vision

  • The in-between bit of how and when we can have our desire is what causes all the problems.
  • It is the greatest gift to one’s self to aspire to better oneself all through this life. The time between receiving is when all our lessons are learnt, and this will continue all through our lives.
  • Be careful what you wish for.
  • Carefully preparing for your wish will lead to a greater outcome.
  • The imagination of our desires is natural, but often our belief or faith may fail. When “doubt in one’s own ability” or “faith” and “luck” are not in the vocabulary, it is very useful to look for new words for our desire. Because of the common use of certain words, they have become dull expressions.
  • By looking is a thesaurus or dictionary, you will find a new word for the desire. The dictionary’s deeper meaning will instantly fill you with affirmative possibilities. This is a prime example of proof within yourself, to which words subconsciously hold a doubt or a belief of your worthiness. The word “money” can be changed to “prosperity” if you have a lot of negative beliefs in the word “money.”
  • A dull expression will not work to excite any change into receiving the desire. A dictionary has more pure ability to change a belief in dull words than wasting time on old subconscious beliefs in a word.




Chapter 8: The Real Self

  • The expansion of consciousness where all is simultaneously happening at once can be seen by knowing where you are focusing your attention in mind. Where you stand now is the next creation of thought, idea, or vision. All before has steered to this thought now. If you look back through past thoughts, you will see why you have come to this thought now in this present moment. How you feel becomes the reason for the direction the next thought will take into the future.
  • Knowing which place you are focusing on in your mind is control and identification.
  • Everyone is continually flowing in a place of mind on different levels of vibration and consciousness.
  • The practice of observing where our attention was just being experienced from does give the true self the power to control and direct all thoughts.
  • Just observing where you are standing in mind and how you are feeling in body is all it takes to identify these layers of mind consciousness.
  • The reality is that assumptions are only an imagined illusion. Unless we are fully aware of our own minds creating all thoughts, these illusions become beliefs.
  • In knowing one’s true self, the invisible world of mind becomes reality and the physical world becomes a painting we admire. Life itself is creation, and we are being entertained. The moving mind and the changing physical world are both creating simultaneously.
  • Our bodies are used to express ourselves and communicate. We enjoy the experiences received through our five senses. These senses are also used to share our expressions with others. We are so in tune with the body that we can know what another person is experiencing based on his or her reactions. But when we sit quietly, being entertained by our own thoughts, no one knows what we are thinking.
  • The practise of asking yourself “What is mind entertaining me with now?” will become a liberating experience, undressing the true self from the mind. Seeing all thoughts as purely entertainment in the present moment will remove the veils and chains, freeing the true self.
  • Get to know what you would love to do, and you will start seeing programs that inspire you.
  • The way you are thinking is what will unfold before you.


Chapter 9: The Self and the Physical

  • The blurred vision between our invisible awareness and the physical world around us does take practice to clear.
  • The invisible is where we always are, even if we are doing something of physical action. The real self is still invisible, experiencing the sharing of this life with the body.
  • Nothing physical exists in mind; only images of the physical thing exist.
  • To know that the real world is a world of visual images only is confusing and hard to accept.
  • Our whole lives are viewed from our minds, and because of our physical identity, the true self has faded away into the shadows.


Chapter 10: Understand and Respect Yourself

  • We know the physical well by the way it runs on autopilot according to our lifestyle schedule. We have set up these schedules as our own identities, while we live our lives from the mind.
  • Wisdom knows that discontentment in one area of life will affect all areas of life and the outcome. Change in one area of life will activate change in all areas and the outcome.




Chapter 11: A Question Asked to True Self Is a Window Presented Anew

  • The only thing between the outer universe and our inner universe is the thin piece of skin over our eyes.
  • When we use imagination, this is true self giving to self of mind the perfectly matched vision or wish, to be projected into the physical world you are creating.
  • Your vision of the future is within your mind. You are true self, your images are of matching harmony of true self, and projecting these images is natural and not forced. Your love of these images is all you have to do.
  • Remember: the separation between the physical world and the universe is only skin thick, and yet our lives are wholly within ourselves.
  • Impatience must stop in order for us to start to receive the life we are matched to in the mind. And this allows the changes in our physical world.
  • The greatest awakening is in knowing you can trust or have faith in your own choice.


Chapter 13: Life Has Now Changed to Two Different Worlds

  • The mind and body will support anything you aspire to receive. The plan is given by the creative self of wonder.
  • The universal laws of attraction are always connecting with what is in our invisible world of mind. What was once thought to be stored in our subconscious is always available for attraction. This gives us the freedom to live our daily lives; otherwise, we would have to be goal-focused only.
  • We see items that were once a thought of “Oh, I would love to have that,” and eventually the item turns up without any focus at all.
  • The goals we put pressure on feel as heavy as gravity, and the underlying laws of nature will change the structure of our goals because of this. By understanding there is no pressure of gravity in the invisible true self, we see that this is only in the mind of physical-dimension viewing. By knowing this, we can release this pressure from our goals.


Chapter 15: Method of Quieting the Mind

  • Quieting the mind can be practised anywhere during daily activity to restore thoughts to be of us and not destructive.
  • Sit and close your eyes, bringing your focus to your chest area. Examine how your emotions feel in your chest. There could be a cocktail of emotions or one distinctive emotion.
  • Be brave and jump into these feelings with full attention. You will start to feel the energy of fluid movement, sparks, or surges. These feelings will start to fade away because you are observing the feelings and not the thoughts which caused them. Now move your attention to your thought pattern.
  • Become aware of yourself standing back in the darkness, watching these thought patterns.
  • Now you will recognize you have control over your thoughts and the ability to choose a new flow of thinking that will feel healthier and useful.
  • Once you have calmed down in feelings and thoughts, bring your attention of focus to the inner eye area of your forehead.
  • Look into the darkness from this area of attention. Keep looking into the darkness, and imagine something of your choice appearing from this darkness. This image is coming from the darkness, streaming into your inner eye.



  • There are no rules and no pressure in any method of meditation. Step back into being the observer of body and mind, and ask your higher self for guidance. This will be given absolutely suited to you. This method of mediation is to experience the complete void, free of all thoughts and emotion. This void is pure energy awareness.



  • The qualities of being decisive are determination, bravery, and self-confidence to make a decision. For us to achieve our desires by right action, we must begin with our own decisiveness. We must first make a decision on what our goal is. Secondly, we must make a decision to learn to have faith or trust in ourselves on our journeys towards our goals. These qualities of being decisive will grow to become our wisdom of self-worth. Our self-worth includes our trust, intuitiveness, and the strengthening of willpower.
  • Any journey towards a goal will change the course of one’s life. And along this journey, one will call on all of these qualities to help one stay on course.
  • Just acknowledging the distance you have already travelled will fill your pride with strength and courage.
  • The little things we can do will determine how long it takes for our dreams to form in our lives. And though we may think our lives will change once the dreams turn up, that is never going to happen. Or the dream may unfold but look nothing like what was expected.
  • Most of our greatest goals are faced with the unknowns of how and when.






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