Dean Graziosi: Millionaire Success Habits Book Summary



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1) Figure out exactly where you’re at now, where you’re going, and what your why is.  Ask tough questions and give specific answers.  Write it all down.

2) Use the 7 Levels Deep Exercise to uncover your true why.  Say you want to make $100,000 per month.  Cool, now ask why seven times in a row.  For example: why is $100,000 per month important?  Then I’d be free.  Why is freedom important?  I could spend more time with my family.  Why’s that important?

And so on and so forth until you’ve gone seven layers deep.  No more, no less.

What you’re left with is the real, raw, from-the-heart reason that’ll keep you marching towards that goal, even when you’re at your worst.  If you don’t dig this deep, you’ll have a “weak why” and it’ll be too easy to quit when times get tough.

3) Think of a bad attitude as this “inner villain” robbing you of joy, confidence, inspiration, and passion for life.  Tell him to STFU using the following strategies:

  • Go on a 30-day news diet.  No negativity for a month.
  • Work on strengths, not weaknesses.
  • Ignore all bad advice from unqualified people.
  • Don’t do what theydo (friends, family, school, society).
  • Carry yourself like a winner.  Smile, stand up straight, show energy and enthusiasm even if you have to fake it at first.
  • Find phrases that make you feel inadequate (“I’m too broke to invest inreal estate”) and replace them with empowering words (“I’m resourceful and can find creative ways to invest in real estate with other people’s money”).
  • Surround yourself with “battery chargers” (positive, big thinkers) as opposed to “battery drainers” (negative, mediocrity-minded peeps).

4) Swap stories.  First, how do you see yourself?  What do you say to justify where you’re at in life?  How’s this “story” holding you back?

Now prove it wrong.  If you blame a lack of business success on a crappy childhood, go read about a billionaire who overcame an upbringing even worse than yours.

Also, say it out loud.  Listen to how silly it sounds.  Take away its power.  Pretend you’re telling it to God.  Give it perspective.

Look for the good in the bad.  Search for silver linings in your “poor me” story.

Now rework the story so that you’re unstoppable.  Again, write it down.  Look for supporting evidence.  Read it out loud every night before bed and first thing in the morning.

5) Get confident.  Use your why to create courage and get the ball rolling.  Then fully commit; stop dabbling and decide to truly go for it.  Then become capable by acquiring skills from the right people and sources.  When you do this, confidence is a welcome side effect that feeds itself.

6) Insure your confidence.  Protect it by being aware of what makes you awesome.  List everything that’s “cool” about you and reference it often.

Now take it next level.  Add a photo of you looking especially fly.  Tack on a power phrase.  (“I’m a million dollar blogger and nobody can stop me.”)  Read it over and over.

7) Make a don’t do list.  What do you suck at?  What do you not enjoy doing?  What wastes time?  What things are keeping you from reaching your goals?  Transcribe all of it.

Now, if any of the above still needs to get done, ask yourself how you can automate, delegate, outsource, or replace each item.

Personally, I pay other people to clean my house, my whips, my pool, to do my landscaping, and even have healthy food delivered.  My accountant does all the bookkeeping, payroll, and even logs into my accounts to pay taxes on my behalf.  (I f*cking hate all that stuff!)

And while I waited until I was rich to hire most of it out, I wish I would’ve done it sooner.  It wouldn’t have been hard.  Cut out cable and one happy hour a month, and you’re even.  Ya know?

Anyways, like Dean Graziosi says, when you do this, you’re left with only the tasks you enjoy that also make you money.  How sweet is that?

8) When you fall into a funk, get back on track faster.  If you take down a large pizza tonight?  Jog right when you wake up tomorrow morning.  This habit, by the way, sounds simplest of all, but it’s had the greatest positive impact on my life.  Please don’t take it lightly.

9) If you’re afraid to market and sell, look into that.  It could be a sign that you need to work on yourself, your product, or your service.  (What are you not proud of?)

10) People will learn from you, listen to you, love you, and buy from you… when they feel understood; not when you’re understood.  Let that sink in.  It’s the foundation for attraction and persuasion.

When it comes to influence, ears over lips.  Stop talking, start listening – really listening.



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11) Millionaires make more sales utilizing these best practices:

  • Transparency and trust, always.
  • Authenticity and enthusiasm over structure and perfection.
  • Abundance over scarcity.
  • Appeal to wants, not needs.
  • Use stories to capture and keep attention and make points.
  • Don’t sell past the sale.  When you get a yes, shut up.
  • Passion should be palpable.
  • Obsess about (and cater to) how customers feelafter the sale.
  • Camp out in customers’ minds.  What makes ’em tick?
  • Have an attitude of gratitude.
  • Relationships over transactions.

12) Happiness breeds success, and not the other way around.  Here are Dean’s top happiness habits:

  • Define and document what happiness means to you.
  • Live in the present as much as you can.
  • Stop overthinking things.
  • Dwell on the positives that can come from any situation.
  • Vow to protect your peace.  Block out all negativity.
  • Realize that suffering is a choice; you can choose not to.
  • Welcome failure with open arms.
  • Don’t hold grudges.  Put yourself in their
  • Let go of expectations.  When they don’t come true, you’ll always be disappointed.
  • Be thankful for what’s in front of you.
  • Never settle for the status quo.
  • Be a part of something bigger.  Faith, charity, something.

13) Hard-hitting hacks to see success faster:

  • Have distraction-free “creativity time” each day.  Just think and write, with nothing else going on.
  • Observe other jobs for gratitude.  (“Those dudes digging ditches in 90-degree heat sure have it rough.  God bless ’em.”)
  • Set gratitude alarms and reminders on your phone.
  • Stash cash.  The mere act of regularly setting aside money will build confidence around finances and position you to take advantage of opportunities that require capital, such as stock investmentsor new business ventures.
  • Strategically spoil yourself.  For example, pay more to buy organic groceries, knowing it’ll benefit your health.
  • Invest in yourself.  Books, audios, courses, coaching, etc.
  • Smile and make eye contact with everyone you encounter.
  • Look for the good whenever there’s bad.
  • Bounce back fast.
  • Obsess over solutions, not problems.
  • Ask other happy, successful people their secrets.
  • Go to a “happy place” in your mind when you’re having a bad day.  (I like to think back to a favorite vacation.)
  • Make health and fitness a priority.
  • Stop judging others, as hard as that is.  Take the time to see it from their point of view.
  • Help others who’re worse off than you.
  • Always do your best.  You never know who’s watching or what it could lead to.
  • Indulge in positivity.
  • Hire individuals more talented and experienced than you.
  • Focus on one thing only, until it’s successful and automated.



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