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Mastermind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers, and Linchpins by Jayson Gaignard

This is a playbook designed for those who want to create and cultivate meaningful relationships. The catalyst that has brought me the majority of my success over the past two years comes from hosting something I like to call ‘Mastermind Dinners.’ These dinners have taken me from being bankrupt on virtually every level of my life to personal and professional heights which include launching a #1 rated business podcast, spending a week with three-time best-selling author Tim Ferriss in Argentina, meeting up with skate legend Tony Hawk at his offices in California to sit in on his radio show, and now running one of the world’s most exclusive events for entrepreneurs. The speed by which I’ve turned my life around can easily be replicated and I’ve created this book to show you how. The key is the way in which you create and cultivate your relationships, and the concept of Mastermind Dinners is your vehicle.”


Chapter 1 – Your life has meaning because of the relationships you have, not because of money. Make an effort to keep your connections!

After a long day at work, how do you feel? Need some R&R after being exhausted or beaten up?

So many of us assume that receiving a paycheck will suffice to make us happy. However, the adage that money cannot purchase happiness is true.

The author made 22 times more money as a young IT entrepreneur than the average American worker. But did he become 22 times happier or 22 times healthier than the ordinary person as a result of this fact?

In no way. In actuality, at the age of only 23, he had kidney issues brought on by stress.

Yes, everyone wants a job with a good salary. But a job that brings in six figures may be distracting you from what your true priorities are.

While the author’s online ticket sales company was successful and brought in serious profits, the constant work and stress pulled the author further and further away from his original goal: to create a business that made him happy.

Many people, especially entrepreneurs, lead a lonely work life. After another 12-hour day, the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind is planning a get-together with friends. Often, daily stress and work travel make it difficult to connect with people, at work or even in the “real” world.

But as any good businessperson knows, networking is vital in unlocking new opportunities. By conducting networking events like mastermind dinners and mastermind talks, the author built a thriving business and a fulfilling life.

He realized the advantages of interpersonal interaction for himself.


Chapter 2 – Being authentic is important when networking. Your relationships will have more value if you are genuine about who you are.


It’s not about how you network; it’s about who you are.

It doesn’t always follow that you’re an “excellent” networker if you have a ton of social media profiles or go to networking events every night. Utilizing networking technologies lets you delve deep and discover who you truly are; getting out there is just the beginning!

Your connections will notice quite quickly if you’re networking solely to advance or for any other purely selfish reason, and they’ll tune you out.

You must modify your attitude if you don’t want to leave a bad impression. Do you believe that when one of your colleagues advances in the ranks, your prestige is diminished in networking? It doesn’t function like that.

The ability to celebrate their accomplishments while understanding that doing so strengthens and deepens the friendship is one of the things the author likes most about having a strong network of ambitious friends.

Also, be aware that the caliber of your connections matters considerably more than the quantity. Connecting, not gathering, is the point of networking. Do you believe that someone who has 5,000 Facebook friends has a more effective network than someone who just has 100? It might not always be the case.

It’s much more satisfying to have 100 friends “like,” “share,” and “comment” on your postings than it is to have 5,000 people who couldn’t care.

How do you make sure you connect with great people? You must dedicate yourself to it. Being open and sincere about who you are and your hobbies enable you to build stronger relationships with your network.

Of course, not everyone you meet will like you, and being open about your personal and professional life may result in fewer contacts. But you can be certain that those who do remain will join your closely knit, genuinely true network.

If you have been thinking about starting or growing a YouTube channel or Podcast show, writing your first book or creating your first course. I consult creators all around how to monetize their passion and creative dreams. Book a free consult with me here to find out how we can work together so you can start making money online now.

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Chapter 3 – Do you wish to spend quality time with powerful people? Bring them to dinner.


You’ve put a lot of effort into growing your online networks or making an effort to make friends at conferences. However, these methods of networking have nothing on the mastermind method.

Masterminds are aware that there is no better setting for meeting prominent individuals than over dinner in a warm, conversation-filled setting.

Thus, extend dinner invitations to significant people if you wish to develop a strong network with them.

It’s one thing to attend a dinner party as a guest. However, planning the meal yourself presents a completely new level of networking opportunities!

You’ll have access to more powerful circles than ever before by deftly introducing folks you think will click.

How do you then create your guest list? You must provide your potential guests with an allurement. Influential people get the opportunity to meet new influential people or rekindle existing relationships at mastermind meals.

If you’re concerned that higher-level attendees won’t RSVP, start by inviting those who are more likely to say “yes.” It will be simpler to convince your more elusive visitors to come if you can confirm the attendance of a group of fascinating people.

Keep in mind that most people want to network with others who are like themselves. Because of this, if you want to host a dinner for CEOs but you’re not one yourself, you should start by inviting one or two CEOs as bait to persuade other invited high-level executives to attend.

Additionally, it is simpler to connect the very successful if other important people are already present at your dinner because they provide social promises. And if word goes out, you’re more likely to reel in the big fish if you steadily attract more and more interesting individuals to your evenings.

In conclusion, dinners are the key to effective networking. However, you can’t throw dinner at just any restaurant! Of course, you’ll need a restaurant that provides outstanding food, but a successful supper requires more than just that.


Chapter 4 – Attend local meals to expand your network locally. With location dinners, you can attract influencers from near and far.


You want to organize your mastermind dinner but are unsure of where to begin. Here are a few pointers to assist you in choosing the event kind that will best serve your networking objectives.

The kind of network you wish to create should be your priority. Once you know this, you can make a better choice on where to hold your evening. For instance, are you more interested in making specific connections than building a strong local network with a varied set of people?

Local meals near your home or place of employment have their benefits. Finding ideal venues is considerably simpler because you are the expert in your neighborhood.

Local meals also give you the chance to create a strong local network. The roots of future, bigger, more pervasive networks can subsequently grow from this network.

People who travel to a certain location for a planned event, such as a conference or trade fair, are the inspiration for location dinners. A location dinner is perfect if you’re trying to connect specifically with folks in a certain field. So why not host a dinner alongside an active annual IT conference if you want to meet great web designers?

The advantage of a location supper is that it gives attendees who may not have much planned after the conference day is over an interesting off-site event. However, if a special networking dinner is planned, your guests will be excited about it. The ability to contact potential participants is facilitated by the list of attendees that conference organizers occasionally provide.

You, therefore, have two primary possibilities for mastermind meals, depending on your networking objectives. However, other factors play a role in the success of your dinner. You will learn the details you need in our final chapter to make your mastermind meal special.


Chapter 5 – A mastermind cannot fail to pay attention to the details. Your invitations are your entryway, so handle them well!


Paying close attention to the details is essential if you want your mastermind dinner to be memorable. For instance, it matters how you invite people to your dinner.

Email is a cheap method to communicate, but if you use it improperly, it could cost you some guests. Always customize the subject line of your emails and include the recipient’s first name. This makes it simpler to deliver your invitation to the intended recipient without having to navigate a potential gatekeeper like a personal assistant.

A direct pitch, such as “Would you be interested in a free dinner with like-minded people?” should be used in emails rather than a lengthy list of specifics. A “yes” is far more likely in response to a query like this. You will still have an “in” even if your guest is unable to attend this particular event because of it.

The size of your dinner is another element that matters. The ideal number of diners is four to eight since fewer diners make dinner more private and give each person a chance to talk and be heard.

Additionally, even though a modest guest list is desirable, avoid having an intimate supper. You run the risk of upsetting your visitors if there are only four RSVPs and several cancellations.

However, when there are more than eight individuals seated at a table, it might be challenging to guide a discussion because conversations often split into multiple smaller chats. Hosting a big group will also cost you more money because you might need to reserve a private dining area in a restaurant.

It’s important to keep these things in mind when planning mastermind meals. So now you have all you require for a fruitful networking event. Get out there and make some contacts!


If you have been thinking about starting or growing a YouTube channel or Podcast show, writing your first book or creating your first course. I consult creators all around how to monetize their passion and creative dreams. Book a free consult with me here to find out how we can work together so you can start making money online now.

Download the PDF Summary here

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