Harness ADHD To Win | John Torrens Interview

This book will help entrepreneurs, (or those who love them), discover how to harness their ADHD for maximum creativity, focus, and productivity, while learning how to manage the downsides and eliminate obstacles, so that they can achieve even more success. By reading this book, readers will be able to: • Use the many strengths of ADHD, such as laser focus, sensation seeking, and quick thinking, to their advantage • Keep the worst parts of their ADHD, like distractibility, inability to finish projects, and lack of focus from getting in their way • Teach their teams how to effectively ‘manage up’ with an ADHD boss to succeed as a team • ADHD can become a superpower-manage all of the bad aspects effectively and amplify the good aspects for optimal results • Get out of their own way and be able to concentrate on all the good things they have going for them • Start projects and stay on track to finish them in a timely manner • Reach their potential financially and personally • Outperform competition • Implement strategies that will last • Create results faster • Grow faster • Higher profitability • More focus • More productivity • More life balance • Time freedom


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