Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuck Live Melbourne, Australia August 2019 Seminar Notes

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Grant Cardone

  • Helping others saved my life. Helping others always makes me better. Helping others is a great investment.
  • 1) FINANCIAL TARGETS: The ultimate financial target of the super wealthy is never money, it’s freedom, choices, and control.
  • 2) MARKETING IS SENIOR TO SALES: Best known always beats best product.
  • 3) MONEY MASTERY: Self Enhancement, Business Skills / Marketing, Cash flow
  • Never go anywhere with one quarter.
  • Taking action will never fail you. You can’t get great without taking action.
  • The 10X Rule: Massive Action. The only difference between success and failure.
  • Most people fail in life because they simply underestimate the amount of energy, effort and resources it will take to achieve a certain target. When applied, the Ten Times Rule will deliver abundance in every area of your life.
  • Every problem you solve, you create new ones. Bigger and better ones.
  • You have to sell people on your vision.
  • Stop playing defence mode.
  • Manufacture your own equity with a business.
  • Who told you money won’t make you happy?
  • Don’t take advice on people who quit.
  • Don’t take money advice from people who gave up on money.
  • We have been influenced by people who have quit.
  • People are looking at bigger circles to follow.
  • How to buy time to get attention to get more money to get more time.
  • Money is useless until it is used.
  • Something’s you don’t need to figure the cost.
  • Don’t think about the expenses that make the company profitable.
  • Don’t buy anything that doesn’t cash flow.
  • Buy dumb shit with passive income only, not active income.
  • Invest in self, everything you borrow and spend should be self.
  • Buy things that cash flow. A business that cash flows. Real Estate that cash flows.
  • Be around people who can make ideas a reality.
  • Who knows you is senior to who you know.
  • 7 Billion people in the world. There is no shortage of money, there is money everywhere.
  • We walk into a restaurant and look at the pricing on the menu, we are programmed by money.
  • Replicate successful people.
  • A team is more fun than solo, the right team.
  • People will know you based on what you are doing.
  • Hang around people who have a better work ethic than you.
  • Money follows attention. If you want money, you need to get attention.
  • If you’re struggling, you’re selfish.
  • If you’re broke, invest in yourself. Keep investing in yourself consistently and with time your investments will pay out.
  • Why spending money on self-education vs. keeping money in the bank? Because you must trust in yourself more than you trust in the banks.
  • Cash is nothing – cash flow is everything.


Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Spend 20 to 30 hours tasting TikToc and LinkedIn.
  • Create 3 to 4 pieces of content on each social media platform a day.
  • 99% of people won’t do anything with the data I give you.
  • Why are you insecure about likes and judgement?
  • You are impatient.
  • Do you think there is a hack?
  • Do you just want to flex?
  • How do you redefine success?
  • We should only focus on happiness.
  • What is your north star?
  • I study human behaviour like anthropology.
  • Where do your consumers spend their attention?
  • Make content, as much of it as humanly possible.
  • The under-priced platforms at scale is TikToc and LinkedIn.
  • Be the best and be first.
  • Are you good at video, audio or written word. Find out your strength.
  • Create native images on Instagram.
  • Technology doesn’t give a shit of our opinions.
  • Why do we consume content over and over, more, more, why wait. Create content don’t just consume.
  • Mohammad Ali hacked the media, he knew television. He hacked peoples mind. Hacked the attention of society at the time.
  • The internet doesn’t care what you look like. It’s open and its free.
  • We still find ways to complain.
  • You can’t read up on doing pushups.
  • Everything is being stripped away but Brand.
  • All advantages are being commoditized by technology.
  • Make content for social platforms on mobile devices.
  • Build a brand that comes out of people’s mouth.
  • Make content at scale.
  • Social Media. You post, they comment, you talk. It’s social, be social.
  • Watch what I do, not what I say.
  • Unless you truly love what you do, someone else will love it more and be more successful.
  • The reason why people have not tried to follow their dreams, is fear of judgement.
  • You are irrelevant as a business, if you don’t create content on social media daily.
  • If you want to grow a brand, your content needs to follow these 3 pillars: Educate, Entertain and Inspire.
  • The greatest marketing strategy ever is caring for the end consumer.
  • Your framework must be selfless and put your followers needs first.
  • Produce valuable content at mass scale and you’ll win in the macro!

Elena Cardone

  • A story about the strength of Clydesdale Horses and working together.
  • One Clydesdale Horse can pull around 8000 pounds of weight by themselves.
  • Two Clydesdale Horse’s can pull around 24,000 pounds of weight together. That’s Three time what one can pull solo.
  • But two Clydesdale Horse’s who have trained together can pull around 32,000 pounds which is four times the amount of one horse.
  • Now that’s horses. What about people. What can two people do if they work together. Work on their strengths and weaknesses together, goals together, launch together.


Adam Hudson

  • Success come through risk, innovation and hard work.
  • Rich people get paid 3 times. #1 – For their time #2 Profit #3 Equity
  • Beginners think about cash flow today
  • Young entrepreneurs think about making profit at the end of the year
  • The wealthy think about the value of what they’re building after 5, 10 or 20 years.
  • Poor people work for money, Rich people work for assets.


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