Girl Elevated | Ramita Anand Interview | 5 Steps to Empower Girls




How do we support young teen girls through the challenges of growing up and the tricky years of adolescence? How can we help them unleash their power? Many tween and teen girls are struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety and confidence issues, particularly if they have a difference of some kind. Girl Elevated provides accessible tools and strategies to help girls develop five key superpowers for the years ahead and become strong, confident young women.


Understand how to give girls: Resilience strategies to tackle physical and mental adversity and realise the positive power of failure and challenge The ability to understand and manage their own and others’ feelings by developing emotional intelligence skills The capacity for empathy and kindness to support themselves and build healthy and respectful relationships and friendships The values and self-confidence to recognise and break the cycle of self-doubt and insecurity and fully accept themselves

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