Henry Harrison Brown: Dollars Want Me Book Summary

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  • All power is in man. Dollars are machines with power delegated to them by man. They are useless without man.
  • Poverty is a mental condition. It can be cured only by the Affirmation of Power to cure: I am part of the One and, in the One, possess all. I possess all! Affirm this and patiently wait for the manifestation.
  • As ye sow so shall ye reap.
  • Affirmations for use. My supply is infinite! For god is my supply. Supply can never fail me. Make this your affirmation and hold it. Hold it.
  • Success lies in the mental attitude that arises from that sense of personal power which meets every condition without anxiety.
  • Seek first the kingdom of God and its right living and all things necessary to my happiness will be added to me.
  • Think positively: Things belong to me. I am already possessor. They will come to me at need. Then let them come. If they do not readily come, hold no anxious thought about them. Having accepted truth that all is mine and that all desired conditions or things will manifest, keep on working in an equable, confident frame of mind, and let them come.
  • Money has only delegated power. You direct its expression. Change your attitude toward money. It is not “the almighty dollar.” Almighty power uses the dollar. Say to the dollar, “I do not need you. You need me. You are of no use until my brain and hand use you.
  • You do business with thoughts only; dollars are but materialized thoughts. Each dollar in any man’s hand represent his thought in material form.
  • There is something necessary for you to do to draw the Dollar. Your magnet of desire must have two poles. First, you must have something which the word needs and is willing to pay for. You must follow the law of supply and demand. Secondly, you must, in all sincerity, dedicate every Dollar that comes to you to noble service.
  • Use these Affirmations persistently: Dollars love me. Dollars want me. I am ready to use dollars and they freely come to me to be uses. Make no limit as to the amount. Claim abundance. Claim all you can use for good, all that is needed to enable you to be useful and happy. Abundant supply; be your demand.
  • Time is to be measured by growth. Some may grow more while the hands count 24 hours than other in ten times that. Take no thought of time. You have all there is. You are spirit and have all eternity.
  • Seeds require time to germinate, grow, leaf, bud, bloom, blossom and fruit. Each thought, each change in your ideal, is a seed. It will follow nature’s line of evolution. You will require time as you change your attitude! A period will be required to change your vibrations so that the Dollars will feel you and learn that it wants you.
  • In the development of man necessity has been a big incentive. Necessity has driven the wheels of progress. Animals also feel the spur of necessity. But there is in man a plus – the imagination, a psychic quality, which has been a stronger factor in his development than has been animal necessity. This power of imagination differentiates him from the animal, lifts him above the animal plane and makes him man.
  • All progress is but change of mental attitude toward conditions that exist.
  • Love for the ideal leads to desire. Desire leads to action, action converts untoward conditions into the actual ideal.
  • By their fruits ye shall know them.
  • Practice is necessary. No ideal can be reached without great effort. Your desire must be accompanied by earnest work. Indolence will never draw. The magnet words or it would not draw the needle. Thought is work. Concentration and will and effort are necessary.
  • Avoid negative expressions. Never use words that are not in line with your desire. Here are three expressions to avoid: I cannot afford it! I have spent so much! I’ve lost so much!
  • Exercise your personal liberty and be master of your pocket and say, ‘I spend the dollar as I desire!’
  • Always see a dividend coming in from every dollar that goes from your purse. The greatest of all dividends is Experience, for it is ever afterward a mental asset, that increases the value of every decision.
  • Financial freedom is the real desire which actuates men in their labours for the dollar. That freedom will never come as long as one puts in the dollar any power to add to, or to detract from, his happiness. Until he realizes that it is his attitude toward the use of the dollar, that will bring satisfaction, there will always be the cry of “Want!”
  • I therefore recommend that the following affirmations be used till the mental attitude they express becomes habitual: I desire a deep conscious of financial freedom. I desire that the flow of prosperity become equalized. I desire a greater consciousness of my power to attract the dollar. I desire a constant success in my business.
  • When you have used this until you are conscious of a definiteness in your desire you may use the following: I have a deeper consciousness of financial freedom. I am financially free. “Dollars want me.” The Indwelling power cares for my purse. I have whatever I desire. I have no question of expenditure. What I feel I need, that I purchase. I can afford to use dollars for my happiness. I have clothes, food, books, entertainment and whatever I need for health, happiness, friendship, and service to others.
  • Your thought is strong and potent beyond measure, but, when you assume the ‘wanting’ attitude, although you do most certainly attract, it is nothing like the powerful attraction formed by your quiet, confident attitude of absolute conviction that the thing wants you. The attitude of desire is strong, but the attitude of certainty – of possession – which this new thought makes possible is wonderful, and a veritable tower of strength; it has made things possible to me that were quite out of the question before.


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