50 Words to Your Dreams Chapter 19: Prosperity by Michael George Knight

Chapter 19: Prosperity


Prosperity is defined as the state of being prosperous, flourishing, thriving and good fortune. Prosperity often encompasses wealth, success and affluence but also includes other factors which can be independent of wealth to varying degrees. Such as, happiness and health.What does prosperity mean to you? How can you become more prosperous? How can you better yourself in the areas of wealth, success, knowledge, health and happiness? How can you fill your cup up so full that it overflows prosperity and others can drink from it?

Once you get to a stage in life where you have achieved most personal things to satisfy your needs, you should become focused on creating prosperity for others and in turn by creating prosperity for others you also become more prosperous. By becoming wealthy you can certainly be more prosperous than someone that is broke. If you are healthy,you have more energy to give, than if you are sick. If you are smart, you can impart wisdom on others and teach knowledge. If you are happy, you make a happy environment for others. This all related to prosperity as you as an individual can bring more prosperity into life for yourself and others.


Is the world more prosperous now than 100 years ago? Think about. Imagine going back in time like Marty McFly in back to the future and having a conversation with your great great grandparent and explaining to them about the future you live in now. What a disconnect there would be between the two of you. The time we live in are the most prosperous times humanity have ever known. Take the smart phone. Arguably the best piece of individual personal technology we use and carry. If you took a smart phone back in time and showed people the phone living 100 years ago, they would think you are from the future 1000 years ahead of their time. But not knowing the incredible rate of advancement and prosperity that happened in the last 100 years have led current civilization to have so much opportunity it is mind boggling. I just want to remind you about the prosperous times we live in and think more about what can you do to add to your future grandchildren’s prosperity.


  • Anyone can gain wealth if they try hard enough, but prosperity and peace of mind only arrive at the door of people who have first mastered themselves (James Allen)
  • For real-world prosperity you must endeavor to provide something that buyers feel is greater in value than the price they have paid for it (Wallace Wattles)
  • In times of doubt, think of the acorn. An ancient symbol of abundance, this seed of the mighty oak begins growing only when its tree reached maturity.Prosperity always involves an element of time. Nothing great is achieved overnight, and all things begin small (Tom Butler Bowdon)
  • Prosperity begins with prosperous thoughts, which in turn set up an emotional state that can only attract good into your life (Tom Butler-Bowden)
  • Prosperity cannot happen,while you continue to entertain poverty-stricken thoughts (Charles Fillmore)
  • Prosperity is always personal, resting squarely on the degree to which you have refined and bettered yourself (James Allen)
  • Prosperity is best appreciated as a circle in which money is first attracted and created, then managed well and shared to good effort (TomButler-Bowden)
  • Prosperity is not just about making money, but about the freedom to live the way you want (Milton Friedman)
  • Prosperity was first and foremost a state of mind; a mindset of lack could only manifest negative results (Catherine Ponder)
  • Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty (Napoleon Hill)
  • The abilities to attract,create, manage, and share wealth are important to living a contented life, and many of us seek to be better off financially not to amass money for its own sake, but to be in control of our time and spend it in meaningful ways (Tom Butler-Bowden)
  • The anxious thought must be eliminated and the perfect abandon of the child of nature assumed, and when to this attitude you add the realization of unlimited resources, you have fulfilled the divine law of prosperity (Charles Fillmore)
  • The basic law of prosperity is that to receive, you must first provide something of great value(Napoleon Hill)
  • The free market, not government, ensures protection of individual rights and standard of quality,and delivers extraordinary prosperity to those who seek it (Milton Friedman)
  • The key to real prosperity in business is to work on your enterprise not in it (Michael Gerber)
  • The paradox of real prosperity is that it comes to those who forgot about themselves in providing service to others (James Allen)
  • There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way (Wayne Dyer)

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Chapter 19: Prosperity

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