124 Alex Hormozi Lessons

When was the last time you spent 21 days working with an elite coach on your life blueprint to map out your 1 to 3 years on your journey to success? Right now, I looking at working with 6 people to work with over 21 days to map out your success blueprint so you can take the evolution in your life. Are you that person? Click here to join me for 21 days. If not, you can always download 500 summaries here

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Alex Hormozi Founder at Acquisition.com. Author of $100M Offers. He likes business. His current portfolio of companies do over $200,000,000 per year in revenue across: e-commerce, b2c & b2b services, e-learning, and SAAS. He crossed $100M in net worth by age 32

  1. How To Stay Poor, Assume You Are Always Right
  2. You Make Better Decisions By Thinking That You Are Dumber Than Everyone Else (More Listening, Less Talking)
  3. Hardest Respect To Earn Is Your Own
  4. If You Want To Control What People Think, Control What They Say
  5. You Get More Out Of Reading 1 Great Bok 5 Times Than Reading XYZ Amount Of Random Books
  6. Most Champions Don’t Have Something You Don’t, They Lack Something You Have (Sacrifices!! + Singleness Of Focus)
  7. Goodwill Compounds Faster Than Money
  8. When You Die, 2 Weeks Later Most People Will Forget About You
  9. If It’s Worth Doing, Its Worth Doing Well
  10. Be Willing To Negotiate Everything, Except For Your Values
  11. Humility (Lack Of Pride & Arrogance + Thinking More Of Other People)
  12. The Happy Man Has A Thousand Wishes, The Sad Man Only Has One
  13. Deficit Occurs When We Speak Desires. Desires Are The Contracts We Make With Ourselves To Be Unhappy With Ourselves Until We Get What We Want
  14. Exposure To Information Is Not Learning
  15. Skill Comes From Repetition & Feedback. Aka Volume. 4000 Sales Story. Do The Boring Work. Outwork Your Self-Doubt. Your Work Works On You More Than You Work On It. No Work Is In Vain.
  16. Set Up A Need To Believe System For The Outcomes You Are Trying To Achieve
  17. The Bigger The Ambition The Slower You Need To Go
  18. Strategy Is How You Choose To Allocate Your Limited Resources Against Unlimited Options
  19. Most People Have Graveyards Of Failures Before Their First Massive Success
  20. What Amount Of Action Would Be Unreasonable Enough Not To Be Unsuccessful
  21. In Sales People Blame 3 Reasons, First External Circumstances. Second, Others. Third And Finally Themselves
  22. What Do I Believe To Be True That Isn’t
  23. Step 1: Do It Step 2: Talk About What You Did Step 3: Then Do Bigger Shit And Leverage That For The Next Level
  24. You Probably Won’t Be Respected As An Authority On Business Until You’ve Achieved Mega Success
  25. It’s The Path That Lay Behind You Not The Path In Front Of You That Will Give You The Certainty You Want To Gain The Influence You Desire
  26. Chaos Is Going To Break Your Plan
  27. When Picking Markets, Look For Four Indicators 1) Pain 2) Purchasing Power 3) Easy To Target 4) Growing
  28. Everyone Wants To Be Rich, You Don’t Want To Pay The Price
  29. Cut Bottom 10% Staff On A Quarterly Basis
  30. Make The Trade
  31. Winners And Losers Have The Same Goals. The Goals Don’t Make You Unique. It’s The Willingness To Pay The Price That’s Unique
  32. I Do Not Like The Labels That They Speak Over Me
  33. How Much Do You Love Your Dreams?
  34. If You Want To Live A Rare Life You Need To Associate With Rare People Who Are Rarely Around And Found
  35. Skills, Beliefs And Traits
  36. Labour, Capital, Media, Code
  37. Leverage Is The Difference Between What You Put In And What You Get Out
  38. The Longer You Wait, The Bigger The Ask Can Be
  39. A Focused Foul Can Accomplish More Than A Distracted Genius
  40. You Don’t Become Confident By Shouting Affirmations In The Mirror, But By Having A Stack Of Undeniable Proof That You Are Who You Say You Are. Outwork Your Self Doubt
  41. Extraordinary Accomplishments Come From Doing Ordinary Things For Extraordinary Periods Of Time
  42. A Few Beliefs About Selling That Have Served Me…
  43. People Want To Believe You. They Want To Buy. You Must Help Their Logical Brains To Justify The Decision
  44. Selling Happens Before You Ask, Closing Begins After
  45. It’s Easier To Handle Obstacles Than Objections (Before You Ask Rather Than After)
  46. That Being Said, Expect And Plan For No. It Is Not Failure, It Is Expected. Stop Being Surprised!
  47. If You Didn’t Get A Gasp From The Price Tag, You Didn’t Go High Enough
  48. Selling Properly Is The First Step To Becoming A Coach. Your First Impression, And The Expectations You Set Dictate The Relationship
  49. Selling Is Helping Prospects Make Decisions To Help Themselves
  50. Keep The Prospect, Not The Sale, As A The Priority. It’s Not About You
  51. Seek To Understand, Not Argue
  52. Maintain Childlike Curiosity It All Times
  53. Closing Is A Dance, Not A Fight. It Is A Seduction, Not Rape
  54. Selling Is A Transference Of Belief Over A Bridge Of Trust. Therefore, You Must Have The Belief, In Order To Transfer It
  55. You Can Only Build Trust If You Genuinely Want To Help. And Humans Are Exceptionally Good At Sniffing Out Intention
  56. Belief & Trust Are Continuums, Not Binaries. Treat Them Accordingly
  57. Closers Ask Hard Questions – Because They Genuinely Care
  58. The Person Who Cares The Most About The Prospect Wins The Deal
  59. Record All Your Sales. Always
  60. Power Is The Ability To Direct Or Influence People. If You Want To Be Powerful, You Must Learn This Skill
  61. You’re Only One Decision Away From Changing Your Life Forever
  62. But Instead Of Changing Our Lives, We Blame, We Think, We Give Power To Sources Outside Of Our Control
  63. Don’t Memorize. Learn Principles, Not Formulas
  64. The Onion Of Blame. The Big Three Scapegoats 1) Circumstances 2) Others 3) Self
  65. New Identity, New Priorities
  66. Pain Of Change
  67. The Reason You Are Telling Yourself You Can’t Is The Precise Reason You Need To
  68. Your Email List “Relationship” Is Your Ultimate Asset
  69. How Wealthy People Think…1) Ask 2) Take Time Out Of The Equation Between Your Ideas And Action 3) Appreciate What You Have And It Will Expand 4) The More You Invest In You, The Wealthier You Become
  70. Zero To 1 Million Is All About The Learning Process Of Consistently Selling Something That Someone Wants.
  71. Most People Overestimate How Well Other People Are Doing And Underestimate How Well They’re Doing
  72. Focus On What’s Going Wrong In The Business, Fix That And You Will Have Success
  73. Buy The Lessons And Mistakes Of Other People To Go Faster
  74. Sunk Cost Vs Opportunity Cost. Sunk Cost Is The Time And Money Already Sunk Into It And The Opportunity Cost Is What It’s Costing You To Stay
  75. Resourceful Not Resources The Difference Between A Broke Person And A Self Made Millionaire Who Was Once Broke Is The Same But The Difference Is Resourcefulness Not Resources
  76. When You Have A New Identity You Have New Priorities The Old Identity Had Old Priorities So Drop Those Start Thinking About Your New Identity And What Type Of Priority Does That New Identity Person Have And Start Becoming That
  77. You Got To Change The Change What You Been Doing Is What You Been Getting
  78. What Are You Most Afraid Of Happening If You Decide To Buy
  79. Fortunes Are Made By Taking A Little Bit Of Money And Taking A Lot Of Risk. Fortunes Are Maintained By Taking A Lot Money And Taking A Little Risk
  80. $0 To $1m Market Fit: One Product, One Avatar, One Channel. Problem: No Idea What Your Doing. Objective: Consistently Sell Something People Actually Want (Product Market Fit)
  81. Time Leverage Is If I Can Pay Someone $10 P/H While I Make $50 P/H That’s Better Than You Making $25 P/H Doing The $10 P/H Job
  82. See Money As A Unit Of Time And Exchangeable Units Of Time
  83. Leverage Software, Media And Content, Same Amount Of Effort To Create Something That Can Scale
  84. Your Best Equipped To Helping The Person You Used To Be
  85. If I Was 85 In This Moment How Would I React. It Would Reframe Everything
  86. Simple Scales, Fancy Fails
  87. I Can Lose, But I Cannot Quit
  88. One Avatar, One Product, One Channel
  89. Ladder Has Two Poles And Rungs, Belief, Character, Skills. You Can Build Each Separately While The Other Lacks, But You Need All Three
  90. Ask Yourself What Would I Do If I Was A Billionaire, How Would I Think And Act
  91. If You Were Coaching Yourself, What Would You Tell Yourself
  92. You Will Grow To The Level Of Your Constraints Not Your Potential
  93. Anti-Routine, You Can’t Have Two Priorities Competing Against Each Other
  94. Priorities Mean: Two Things Cannot Be Equally Important
  95. Millionaire Wanted To Be In Their 20’s Like The 20 Year Old Wanted To Be A Millionaire
  96. The Five Most Common “Excuses” Circumstances: Time, Value Fit. Others: Authority. Self: Avoidance
  97. The Person Must Really Want The Goals And Believe: 1) The Product Will Get Them To Their Goal The Way They Want To Go. 2) You, And Others Will Support Them. 3) It Will Work For Them, Not Just Everyone Else
  98. But Instead Of Changing Our Lives, We Blame (Think, Give Power To) Sources Outside Of Our Control
  99. Everyone Wants You To Do Well, Just Not Better Than Them
  100. Accept That No One Actually Wants You To Be Rich, But You
  101. Money Only Solves Money Problems, Then You Are Left With Problems Money Can’t Solve
  102. You Don’t ‘Arrive’ You Just Enter A New Club As The Smallest Member
  103. Passive Income Is Overrated. We Seek Freedom, But What We Really Want Are Options Of Engaging Activities
  104. If Someone Has Achieved Success Faster Than You, Then They Simply Have Been Better Allocators Of A Single Resource. Time Allocation Is The Only Thing That Matters. If You Master Time, You Master Material Success
  105. Drag Your Time Horizon By The Balls Into Your Present Way Faster Than Everyone You Desperately Want To Beat
  106. What Appears To Be Speed From The Outside Is Not “Lots Of Activity”…It Is Making The Right Strategic Decisions And Making Fewer Mistakes
  107. The People Who Make The Most Money Stick With The Same Thing For A Very Long Period Of Time
  108. Ninety Percent Of Success Can Be Boiled Down To Consistently Doing The Obvious Thing For An Uncommonly Long Period Of Time Without Convincing Yourself That You’re Smarter Than You Are
  109. I Only Believe 1% Of Decisions Matter. The Rest Of Them Are Irrelevant. The Difficulty Is Understanding Which 1% Of The 99% Are The Ones That Matter
  110. Money = Denomination Of Time
  111. Every Transaction We Make Is For Some Percentage Of Our Lives
  112. Our Wealth Is A Measure Of How Little Of Our Lives We Must Trade For The Things We Desire
  113. Money Is An IOU From Society For Future Goods And Services, Which Is Translated As, Other People’s Time
  114. The Key Multiplier On Time Is Leverage
  115. Rich Dads Tell Their Kids To Pursue High Leverage Opportunities: Re, Funds, Acquisition, Business Ownerships, Etc. Poor Dads Tell Their Kids To Pursue Low Leverage Opportunities, Forcing Those Kids To Have To Learn, The Hard Way, What Leverage Is. Many Times, Never Discovering What It Is Until It’s Too Late. Ex: Get A Good Job. Build A Small Business. Etc
  116. 4 Frameworks For Understanding Leverage And Scale. #1 Scale The Entrepreneur #2 Scale The Market #3 Scale The Deliverable #4 Scale The Business
  117. You’re Not Making As Much Money As You Want Because You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are
  118. If Someone In Your Marketplace (Dare I Say A Competitor) Is Making More Than You, It’s Because They Are Better Than You At The Game. Do Not Throw Stones At Them. Throw Them At Your Ego Instead. Admit Deficiencies And Learn Their Strengths. It Will Be The Only Way To Beat Them
  119. Every Business Is Bottlenecked By The Entrepreneur In One Of 3 Ways: 1) Skill Deficiency 2) Trait Deficiency 3) Belief Deficiency
  120. Imagine A Ladder. Traits, Skills And Belief. If Any Side Is Missing…No Matter How Develop The Other Components, You Will Be Limited
  121. You Lack The Skill(S) Of Recruiting, Hiring, Interviewing, Training, And Managing A High Performance Sales Team
  122. Skills, Traits And Beliefs All Compound. That Is What Yields Crazy Outsized Returns…Seemingly Overnight
  123. I Look For 4 Attributes For A Market I Want To Pursue…1) Pain 2) Purchasing Power 3) Easy To Target 4) Growing
  124. I Have A Level 10 Skill Set And A Level 2 Opportunity

When was the last time you spent 21 days working with an elite coach on your life blueprint to map out your 1 to 3 years on your journey to success? Right now, I looking at working with 6 people to work with over 21 days to map out your success blueprint so you can take the evolution in your life. Are you that person? Click here to join me for 21 days. If not, you can always download 500 summaries here


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