50 Words to Your Dreams Chapter 36 Problems by Michael George Knight

Chapter 36: Problems

We define problems as situations that are unwelcome and needing to be dealt with and overcome. Problems are a sign of life, the only people that don’t have problems are the dead. How boring and uninteresting would life be if we didn’t have problems and challenges to overcome? If everything was easy and we could click our fingers to obtain all the things we wanted, what kind of life would that be? Words such as work, courage, discipline, persistence, growth and success would hold no meaning. It is because of the challenges that stand in your way that makes success all the worthwhile to achieve.


The problems we faced when we were young are quite different from the problems we face as adults. What you want to be doing year upon year is conquering bigger problems and reaching higher goals. A goal is usually a problem that has not yet been solved. To fix a problem you must do two things, change your thinking and change your actions. Sometimes we think we have a problem but is just our thoughts that are the problem, so change your thoughts. However, other times we know we have a problem, but we don’t choose to act. You must change your thinking and your actions for you to solve problems you have.



You can look at success like a ladder with multiple sets of rungs or steps to climb. Starting from a baby learning how to crawl, then stand, then walk and eventually run. This is a small ladder to climb that we successfully complete in a few years. The next ladder we climb is a taller ladder never-ending and that is called education. From learning the alphabet and timetables, through to language and communication. Education is a ladder we are always climbing. We advance throughout our years in life climbing different ladders from the relationship ladder and the corporate ladder. Starting from humble beginnings climbing to higher heights, success is a never-ending climb stretching ourselves to our potential as human being, then using your success to help others climb the ladder you have scaled.



We go and grow through life so fast that we very little stop and think of all the problems and challenges we have overcome in our life to date so far. For one, you should pat yourself on the back for keeping yourself alive, an accomplishment you should be proud of. Life’s not easy at times and hard times can break people. We all face storms in our life from the loss of loved ones, loss of our health, relationships, career and financial. You have weathered storms in your past that could have broke you but here you are alive with the future in front of you with personal dreams to achieve. Make a list or mentally reflect on all the problems and challenges you have faced in the past you have overcame. Use this list as a motivation tool to give you courage and strength to know what you face now can be overcame just as the previous obstacles you have scaled.


Throughout our life we have overcome many obstacles and problems. What I want you to do is make a list below of all the difficulties, obstacles and problems you have managed to overcome in the past. By writing the list you will notice you are already successful in your own life according to your own standards by overcoming past problems.



Take a moment and think about the top six problems and challenges you are facing right now in your life. Problems and challenges like financial, health, relationship, career, goals etc. Take each problem you have and write a paragraph detailing the following. What is the problem? How long have you had this problem? What is stopping you from eliminating this problem? Who has overcome this problem and what can I learn from them? What is my timeframe in eliminating this problem? What is my game plan in taking action to once and for all getting rid of this problem? To write out your problem in a paragraph answering these questions will give you the solution to the problem.




  • A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trails. (Seneca)
  • A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. (Unknown)
  • Adversity introduces a person to himself. On the occasion of every accident that befalls you, remember to turn to yourself and inquire what power you have for turning it to use. (Epictetus)
  • All your problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise. (Og Mandino)
  • An obstacle is often a stepping stone. (William Prescott)
  • Anytime we think the problem is “out there,” that thought is the problem. (Stephen R. Covey)
  • As long as the present moment is seen as an obstacle, there can be no end to problems. (Eckhart Tolle)
  • By continually facing your problems honestly and objectively, you become a more confident and competent person. You become stronger and more self-reliant. You stop being afraid of unpleasant situations in your work or personal life. You deal with life as it is, not as you wish it were. (Brian Tracy)
  • Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are a businessman. (Dale Carnegie)
  • Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. (Unknown)
  • Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realise your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you too are difficult. (P.J. Abdul Kalam)
  • Don’t find fault, find a remedy. (Henry Ford)
  • Everyone faces challenges in life. It’s a matter of how you learn to overcome them and using them to your advantage. (Celestine Chua)
  • Everyone has a life situation and most of them are problematic. (Eckhart Tolle)
  • Focus on solutions, not on problems. (Jack Collis)
  • Great people are great because they solve countless, seemingly unsolvable problems. (Mark Victor Hansen)
  • Having problems is a sign of life, if you didn’t have problems you would be dead. (Unknown)
  • I’ve got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I’m stressing about for no logical reason. (Unknown)
  • If you find you have dug yourself into a hole, stop digging. (Robert Kiyosaki)
  • In behavioural psychology we learn that everything is a result of something else. And when a problem arises, it is usually a clue that a deeper problem lies beneath the surface. (Jim Rohn)
  • It’s about realizing that there are no problems. Only situations. (Eckhart Tolle)
  • It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. (Albert Einstein)
  • It’s been said that you should never share your problems with others because 80% of people don’t care about your problems anyway, and the other 20% are kind of glad that you’ve got them in the first place. (Brian Tracy)
  • Life is a process in which we must consistently solve problems. (Unknown)
  • Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems. (Epictetus)
  • Most challenges that we have in our personal life come from a short term focus. (Unknown)
  • Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons, we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting. (Unknown)
  • Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. (Henry Ford)
  • New answers to old problems. Old answers to new problems. (Unknown)
  • No problem is serious. The moment you say no problem is serious, the problem is almost 99% dead. (Osho)
  • Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals. (Sydney Smith)
  • Our problems are man-made; therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. (John F. Kennedy)
  • Overthinking, the art of creating problems that weren’t there in the first place. (Unknown)
  • People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them. (Epictetus)
  • Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem. (Virginia Satir)
  • Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together. (Robert Redford)
  • Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit. (M. Scott Peck)
  • The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them. (Bernard M. Baruch)
  • The best place to solve a problem is on paper. (Jim Rohn)
  • The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny. (Albert Ellis)
  • The challenges in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions. They are not there to run us over. (Nick Vujicic)
  • The first step in dealing with any difficulty is to be willing to have it so. (William James)
  • The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves. (Pema Chodron)
  • The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. (Art Van Der Leeuw)
  • The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were. (John F. Kennedy)
  • The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution. (Steve Maraboli)
  • There are 3 solutions to every problem: Accept it, change it, or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it. (Unknown)
  • There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. (Ralph Marsten)
  • There is a spiritual solution to every problem in your life. (Wayne Dyer)
  • To solve any problem, here are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, who could I ask? (Jim Rohn)
  • What we do with obstacles is directly determined by our mental attitude. Most of our obstacles, as a matter of fact, are mental in character. (Norman Vincent Peale)
  • When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. (Henry Ford)
  • When God wants to send you a gift, he wraps it up in a problem. The biggest the problem he wraps it up in, the bigger the gift that it contains. (Norman Vincent Peale)
  • When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I’ve finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it’s wrong. (R.Buckminster Fuller)
  • When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. (Anthony J. D’Angelo)
  • Whenever you’re down or depressed. Pick up your morning newspaper. Turn to the obituary page. On that page you will find a long list of people who would be absolutely delighted to change places with you with all your agonies and pain, fear and worries and doubts. Try it. (Og Mandino)
  • You can’t talk your way out of problems you behave yourself into. (Stephen R. Covey)
  • You can’t work on 15 problems at the same time. (Fred L. Turner)
  • You may find it hard to recognize that time is cause of your suffering or your problems. (Eckhart Tolle)
  • Your ability to solve problems effectively determines how high you rise in your career. (Brian Tracy)


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